Beer Made from Recycled Sewage Water Wins Approval in Singapore

July 2022

Two months after it became available in supermarkets in Singapore, the ‘NEWBrew’ beer appears to have been well received by most consumers who have sampled it. First revealed in a collaboration between Singapore’s Water Agency, Public Utilities Board (PUB), and local craft brewery Brewerkz, the alcoholic beverage is made using NEWater, Singapore’s brand of drinking water that is recycled from sewage water and was first launched in 2003. As of June, the first batch of NEWBrew has been sold out on tap at Brewerkz restaurants, and stocks are expected to run out in supermarkets by end of July.

Recycled water, which has been gaining support over the past decade due to the increased stress on the world’s supply of fresh water, has been incorporated into countries such as Israel and Singapore and has been included in cities such as Los Angeles and London. Similarly, various breweries have also made use of recycled sewage in their brewing process, such as Stockholm-based Nya Carnegie Brewery and the Village Brewery in Canada. In Singapore, consumers who have sampled NEWBrew largely agree that it is a refreshing, light-tasting ale suitable for the country’s climate. However, Brewerkz has stated that they will assess market response before deciding whether to create a new batch.

(Source: The Seattle Times)

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