Indonesian Air Force to Upgrade Air Defense Radar Technology

April 2023

To enhance its air defenses, the Indonesian Air Force, or TNI AU, has decided to replace its outdated radars. The Chief of Staff of the Air Force revealed that the Air Force and the government are engaged in discussions regarding the purchase of a new radar, though the Ministry of Defence is still in the negotiation process.

The upgrade is expected to be applied to several Radar Unit (Satrad) headquarters throughout Indonesia, including Satrad 226 Buraen in East Nusa Tenggara. Currently, Satrad 226 Buraen uses the Thomson TRS 2215 R Radar, manufactured by Thomson France in 1980, and began using it in 1982. The radar is a ground control intercept (GCI) and early warning (EW) radar that can track the location of fighter aircraft by guiding them straight to the target. It can also function as a mobile radar if necessary, thanks to the cogs beneath its body.

The Buraen 226 Satrad headquarters’ strategic location makes it a possibility and a threat to Indonesia’s air defense. The replacement of outdated radars would not only help to enhance the nation’s air defenses but also ensure the smooth operation of the Indonesian Air Force.


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