Intermap Announces New Government Project in Malaysia

February 2023

Intermap Technologies, a global leader in 3D geospatial data and intelligence solutions, has announced that it was awarded another government contract in Malaysia to provide 3D elevation data to help assess the causes of pollution in the Skudai River for the State of Johor Baru.

The Johor Water Management Authority in West Malaysia is conducting an analysis to identify locations where pollution is entering the Johor River. The Johor River basin is a critical water resource that supplies fresh water to the southern region of West Malaysia, including approximately 40% of the freshwater supply to the city-state of Singapore. The river is one of the most polluted in West Malaysia. River cleanup and stopping the illegal dumping of trash are government priorities.

Intermap’s 3D elevation datasets and analytics are applied to a variety of environmental work, such as pollution management, renewable energy planning, water resource management and sustainable land development. The Company’s multi-use data and analytics are also utilized in climate resilience projects for flood mitigation and stormwater infrastructure, where governments face increasing pressure to allocate more resources.

In Malaysia, Intermap’s 3D elevation data and cloud-free archive imagery are being employed to assess sites with the highest potential for source pollutants. The elevation data will be used to create contours to identify drainage areas into the river. 3D radar imagery is essential for identifying above-ground features such as large buildings, factories and other potential sources of near-river structures potentially dumping into the river.

(Source: Intermap)

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