Malaysia Sets Sights on Expanding Nuclear Technology Use by 2030

October 2023

Under the National Nuclear Technology Policy 2030 (DTNN 2030), Malaysia aims to enhance its nuclear technology adoption for socio-economic development. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation Malaysia (MOSTI) has outlined the DTNN roadmap, aiming for a 40% rise in nuclear technology use and targeting an MYR 2.4 billion industrial investment by 2030.

DTNN 2030 outlines four key strategic areas, targeting 18 strategies and 13 primary objectives. It emphasizes six sectors for nuclear technology enhancement: medicine and health care; food and agriculture; device and equipment manufacturing; environmental and natural resource management; industrial applications; as well as nuclear safety and security. MOSTI aims to embed nuclear technology in science, technology, innovation, and economic sectors. The policy’s goal is to foster a sustainable nuclear technology ecosystem in Malaysia, ensuring its nuclear advancements align with global standards.

Malaysia has benefited significantly from the responsible application of nuclear technology. Currently, the country boasts of having numerous local labs and facilities dedicated to nuclear science and technology. Some have even garnered global recognition, such as the International Collaborative Center (ICC) affiliated with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as well as the Regional Training Center (RTC) and the Asia-Pacific Regional Nuclear Security Support Center (NSSC).

(Sources: New Straits Time; Malay Mail)

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