Malaysian Palm Oil Board Collaborates with Petronas on Palm-Derived Sustainable Aviation Fuel

September 2023

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) and Petronas, Malaysia’s leading energy entity, have joined hands to assess the viability of repurposing used cooking oil and palm oil waste into sustainable aviation fuel. This collaborative effort is consistent with the National Energy Policy 2022-2040, which seeks to mitigate carbon emissions and bolster the energy industry’s role in propelling Malaysia’s socioeconomic growth.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to investigate the capabilities of palm-derived products and by-products, including used cooking oil and effluents from palm oil mills, for their use as primary ingredients in local bio-refineries to develop sustainable aviation fuel. It is recognized that the Malaysian palm oil sector has made significant strides in the circular economy, highlighted by its practices of waste reduction, recycling, and commitment to environmental preservation.

Furthermore, the partnership between MPOB and Petronas goes beyond research. Both entities are poised to develop a holistic framework that places a strong emphasis on public outreach, education, and raising awareness. This framework will underscore the importance of waste reduction and the advantages of recycling. Within the palm oil sector, several byproducts, such as palm fronds and trunks, are repurposed for uses like animal feed and composite boards. Meanwhile, others are transformed into fertilizers, phenolic extracts, and biodiesel, serving as a testament to the industry’s dedication to sustainability and minimizing waste.

(Sources: The Star; Reuters)

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