New Launch of Plant-Based Meat Products in Indonesia

July 2021

Indonesian plant-based meat startup Green Rebel has launched two new plant-based whole cut steak products in Indonesia in order to help bridge the growing demand for beef and chicken in the region.
Green Rebel, formerly known as Green Butcher and part of the Burgreens family, one of Indonesia’s largest plant-based eatery chains, has created the  Beefless Steak made of shiitake mushrooms, and a Chick’n Steak made from soy protein. As compared to animal beef and chicken steak, Green Rebel’s versions are cholesterol-free, have fewer saturated fat levels and have much high fiber content, while still offering a similar taste and texture to their counterparts.
The two new products have debuted at two of the leading steakhouse dining chains in the country. One of them, ABUBA Steak, has unveiled eight vegan and vegetarian menu items featuring Green Rebel’s new steaks priced at the same rate as its animal-based counterparts. The other, Pepper Lunch, which is a Japanese-inspired DIY fast-food steak house, has launched two meatless menu items using Green Rebel’s Beefless Steak at a price point lower than its animal-based steaks. Green Rebel views working with restaurants as a way to widen their reach. Both brands are the go-to family restaurants, where the conscious young generations can bring their parents & grandparents – the market segments that are less likely to try plant-based meat.
Within just 8 months of its operations, the company has worked with over 500 foodservice outlets and over 50 retailers, and has also secured a deal with Starbucks Indonesia, which launched their first-ever plant-based menu with Green Rebel’s vegan-friendly beef across over 50 locations.
Green Rebel has closed a seed funding round and plans to use the funding to expand its research and development team, and to offer the products via mainstream retailers in 2021.
(Source: Green Queen HK)

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