Indonesia Establishes New Genomics Research Center

November 2021

Indonesia´s National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) has established a genomics facility at the Cibinong Science Center (CSC), in West Java, that will be used for whole-genome sequencing, life science and environmental research. The genome research building spans 9,300 square meters and will be used to support research activities, especially in the life sciences field.

Despite being mostly known for biodiversity research, the CSC also conducts research on human health. CSC is undertaking several initiatives in the areas of biotechnology research, biodiversity, and has also established the Indonesian Culture Collection (InaCC) for microbes. With the completion of a genomic building built by BRIN, additional laboratory equipment will be installed, including a 50-liter capacity fermenter that will be applicable for the research and development of Covid-19 vaccines.

BRIN is also focusing on research in the area of mitigating diseases, such as malaria, as well as solutions to enhance the nation’s preparedness in battling natural disasters. Importantly, scientists in Indonesia aim to sequence 10,000 Covid-19 samples to determine variations of the virus that may be circulating around the archipelago.

(Sources: Antara; Open Gov Asia)

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