Singapore Tests Unmanned Platforms in Joint Exercise with US

October 2023

As part of Exercise Forging Sabre in Idaho, the Singapore Army is currently testing an unmanned ground vehicle developed by the United States-based Ghost Robotics in collaboration with Singapore’s Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA). These unmanned vehicles synonymous with robotic dogs are named “spider dogs” and have the size of a German shepherd and are equipped with sensors and cameras for autonomous operations. The robots can create 3D models and maps of complex terrains, enhancing soldiers’ situational awareness and safety. Additionally, the army is using micro-UAVs operated by soldiers to scan battlefields and identify targets autonomously. These technologies reduce manpower requirements and improve information gathering for better decision-making.

While the above platforms are made to equip and assist troops on the ground, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) is also running tests its own set of drones, which are designed to provide feedback for the command post to expedite its decision-making. With sizes considerably large about the size of a lorry tyre, these drones can autonomously scan the battlefield per the predetermined parameters. These drones operate in tandem with other RSAF UAVs and use advanced algorithms to scan the battlefield. The demonstration showcased the potential for greater numbers of these drones to be used in the future. These innovations aim to enhance the military’s capabilities in urban and complex terrains, improving situational awareness and reducing risks to human personnel.

(Source: The Straits Times)

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