Singapore Launches Cyber Military Branch

January 2023

Singapore has recently inaugurated its fourth military branch, the Digital and Intelligence Service (DIS), in an effort to counter digital and capitalize on emerging technologies. DIS’ first commanding officer is Brig. Gen. Lee Yi-Jin, who has had command appointments with infantry and artillery units and was also the director of military intelligence for Singapore’s command, control, communications, computers and intelligence community.

With the creation of DIS, the government aims to integrate Singapore’s military capabilities to deal with a range of security threats, including those from the digital domain. The Service boasts a service headquarters, a joint intelligence directorate, a joint digital and C4 organization, and cyber staff departments. The intel directorate will help military decision-making and operations through research and analysis, doctrines, standards, and best practices, as well as the integration of intelligence and operations.

It has been reported that DIS will also have four separate commands, as well as a digital operations technology center aimed at providing several capabilities to the entire military.

The country also plans to establish a dedicated cyber range to train personnel and host bilateral and multilateral exercises, bringing together militaries, the private sector, and academia.

(Source: Defense News)

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