US Companies Accelerate Digital Transformation in Thailand

March 2022

The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) recently highlighted its commitment to supporting next-generation Wi-Fi and connectivity in Thailand. Working in partnership with America’s private sector, USTDA is helping to share experience that will enable the next generation of Wi-Fi and play a major role in the growth of Internet of Things in Thailand. The Southeast Asian country has already made its mark in the global digital economy, boasting a successful early rollout of 5G and ranks among the world’s highest mobile banking and social media usage rates.

A growing number of American companies are making successful inroads in the Thai digital market. One of the latest is Juniper Networks, which has recently been selected by leading Thai cloud services provider Nipa Cloud to strengthen its existing network infrastructure in anticipation of further growing demand for endpoint flexibility. With its ‘glocalized’ approach, Nipa’s cloud solutions have rapidly gained market share amidst stiff competition.

Outpacing global forecasts, Thailand’s spending on cloud infrastructure is projected to grow by close to 30% in 2022 alone, with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) expected to see the highest growth as Thai enterprises scale up infrastructure and migrate complex workloads to the cloud.

(Sources: The Nation Thailand; U.S. Embassy in Thailand)

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