YTL Power International to Build Hydrogen Power Plant in Singapore

February 2024

Singaporean energy producer YTL Power International, has secured the right to construct, own, and manage a new 600MW hydrogen-ready combined cycle gas turbine at Pulau Seraya Power Station, enhancing Singapore’s electricity capacity by 2027. The SGD 800 million (USD 600 million) million extension is part of efforts to meet rising energy demands. Initially, it will blend 30% hydrogen with 70% fossil fuels, with potential for full hydrogen usage later. This aligns with Singapore’s Energy Market Authority’s (EMA) strategy for a greener, resilient power system.

EMA’s Centralised Process framework, initiated through a request for proposal (RFP) in 2023, aims to forecast and address future energy needs collaboratively with the private sector. With Singapore’s electricity demand increasing due to economic growth and digitalization, the system peak demand is projected to grow annually by 3.4%, primarily driven by industries like advanced manufacturing and transportation, including electric vehicles.

Singapore aims for full electrification of its vehicle population by 2030, discontinuing new diesel car registrations by 2025. Observers anticipate green hydrogen’s cost-effectiveness by 2030, citing research indicating a significant reduction in production costs through innovations like solar-powered electrolysis. This trend is expected to facilitate a shift towards cleaner energy solutions, in line with global sustainability objectives.

(Source: Forbes)

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