Bluebird Group Appoints Darktrace to Defend Against Cyber-Threats

June 2022

Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, announced that Bluebird Group, an award-winning Indonesian transportation company, has chosen Darktrace AI to intercept cyber-attacks autonomously.

Bluebird Group, founded in 1972 and listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange, is Indonesia’s largest taxi operator. The firm employs over 2,000 people and transports millions of passengers each month across Indonesia’s major cities and tourist destinations, in addition to providing containers, charter buses, and logistics services. As its services have become increasingly digitized through apps and online payment services, Bluebird sought a technology that could protect its digital estate in the face of a rising level of attacks against the sector.

Darktrace Antigena stood out to Bluebird when compared to other solutions because of its ability to autonomously stop in-progress attacks while allowing normal business operations. The artificial intelligence learns ‘normal operations’ for Bluebird, which not only detects anomalous activity but intelligently makes micro-decisions based on the unusual activity. The algorithms are outcome-driven and tuned to enforce regular business operations; disrupting developing cyber-threats while allowing the firm to operate normally even while under attack.

The technology improves the security team’s ability to protect against intellectual property theft and disruptive attacks such as ransomware and supply chain threats, allowing the team to focus on strategic business decisions.

Darktrace saw a 33% increase in attacks across its customer base in APAC in 2021. The 12% of incidents detected by Darktrace across the region in 2021 were in Singapore alone. The transport sector was among those most targeted across Darktrace’s customer base in APAC, as were financial services, manufacturing, and the information and communications industries.

(Source: Darktrace)

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