FGV Introduces New Plant-Based Industrial Products to Expand its Brand in Asia Pacific

February 2021

FGV Holdings Berhad (FGV), Malaysia’s plantation and food conglomerate through its subsidiary firm Delima Oil Products Sdn Bhd (DOPSB) is planning to expand its downstream segment across the Asia-Pacific region. FGV has launched three new plant-based industrial products – an animal fat replacer, dairy fat replacer, and frying oil under the Premeo brand.

  • Premeo animal fat replacer is a high-end vegetable-based fat that imitates the mouth-feel of animal fat in food products. It is an affordable alternative for animal fat made from palm oil that can replace either raw beef or chicken fat in the manufacturing of emulsion meat specialty products and formed meat specialty products.
  • Premeo dairy fat replacer is a palm-based vegetable fat that mimics the role of milk fat while offering a healthier and more economical substitute for the dairy fat commonly used to manufacture frozen desserts.
  • Premeo frying oil is a premium-grade cooking oil that can withstand 30% longer heavy-duty frying than palm oil and palm olein. This reduces oil wastage, improves productivity with 40% extra frying life when topped up, and generates cost savings of up to 20% to 40%.

The new products will serve as plant-based alternative fats for food and dessert producers as well as restaurants. FGV Group chief executive officer Datuk Haris Fadzilah Hassan said that the new product line would help meet the growing demand for genuine, high-quality plant-based fats and oils in countries such as South Korea and Japan, especially in the frozen food and desserts sectors.
There is a wide range of health benefits derived from these products. These include being free from pathogenic content and pest microbes, cholesterol-free in a natural way, rich in Vitamin E, and zero trans-fat.
(Sources: FGV Holdings; Malaysian Reserve)

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