Indonesia to Establish Elderly Medical Tourism in Bali

March 2021

Indonesia has announced that it will establish a new Health Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Sanur area of Bali. The area will be dedicated to medical tourism targeting elderly tourists. Out of the 41-ha SEZ, 21.2 ha will be set aside for a health tourism hub, complete with international hospitals, parks, trade areas, art markets, hotels and hospitality schools.
Currently, the country has 15 SEZs, comprising of 9 industrial SEZs and 6 tourism SEZs with a total committed capital of USD 5.03 billion.
In the context of the country’s growing medical market, it is worth highlighting the Indonesian Ministry of Health recently approved the use of three image-reading medical solutions by Korean-based JKL Inspection in Indonesia. The company specializes in AI-based medical solutions. The approved medical solutions are Atroscan used for diagnosing dementia and brain aging, Unistro for classifying ischemic stroke, and JViewer-X for identifying lung disease and abnormal regions.
(Sources: The Star; Korea Biomedical Review)

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