Malaysian Insect Producer First from Southeast Asia to Access EU and UK Markets

March 2023

Nutrition Technologies, a manufacturer and supplier of sustainable animal feed ingredients and biofertilizers, has been granted permission by Malaysia’s Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union to export its insect meal and oil to the EU and UK markets. The company is one of only a few worldwide and the first in Malaysia to receive such approval, following selected firms from Canada, Switzerland, the UK and South Korea.

Nutrition Technologies is a Singapore-headquartered company with a manufacturing facility in the state of Johor. The firm produces insect protein meal, oil and frass (insect manure) for agriculture and feed industries. Using a low-energy, zero-waste production model, it combines beneficial microbes and Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to grow their insects, then the larvae are reared on clean and traceable agro-industrial by-products. It is suitable for application in pet food, livestock and aquatic feed and has a range of proven functional benefits which improve the animals’ health and growth.

Additionally, it can potentially impact greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by replacing traditional protein sources with insect-based meats. For example, 25% of GHGs related to meat production are generated by pet food use. Insect meal has been found suitable for therapeutic applications in pets that have allergies to common pet food proteins such as beef and lamb. It is also fully compliant with EU regulations, and the facility is both GMP & HACCP certified. The company plans to increase production capacity at its current Malaysian plant and through a new joint-venture project in a yet-to-be-announced second Southeast Asian country.

(Sources: PR News Wire; Feed Navigator)

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