Philippines Greenlights USD 35 Billion ‘Re-Horizon 3’ Military Modernization Plan

March 2024

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has given the green light to a revamped military modernization initiative dubbed “Re-Horizon 3,” allocating PHP 2 trillion (USD 35 billion) budget over the next decade. This strategic move marks the culmination of a three-phase modernization effort that commenced in 2013, spurred by escalating tensions in the South China Sea due to Chinese assertiveness. The Philippines finds itself increasingly pressured by China, especially concerning the contested Spratly Islands, where reports of intimidation tactics against Philippine authorities and provocative maneuvers by Chinese vessels have become alarmingly frequent.

Under the ambit of this comprehensive plan, Manila aims to expedite the acquisition of cutting-edge weaponry and equipment to bolster its defense capabilities against evolving threats. Priority areas include enhancing the nation’s maritime domain awareness, connectivity, surveillance, reconnaissance, and intelligence-gathering capabilities.

Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. said that the Armed Forces will implement measures to ensure the safe and unhindered utilization of natural resources by Filipino citizens, domestic enterprises, and entities sanctioned by the Philippine government within specific zones.

Before securing approval for “Re-Horizon 3,” the Armed Forces of the Philippines had proposed an earlier version known as “Horizon 3,” outlining procurement plans encompassing multi-role fighters, frigates, missiles, and radar systems. While sharing the same strategic objectives, budgetary constraints necessitated a reassessment, prompting the armed forces to submit a revised roster of desired military assets. Described as a “comprehensive archipelagic defense concept,” Re-Horizon 3 is poised to fortify the nation’s presence in strategically vital regions, bolstering its capacity to safeguard its territorial integrity and national interests.

(Source: The Defense Post)

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