Plastic Waste Treatment Sites to be Built in West Java

February 2020

The West Java administration is going to build struct waste treatment sites that turn plastic into diesel fuels and raw plastic materials. The project is supported by Plastic Energy, a United Kingdom-based plastic processing company. It is currently in the phase of conducting feasibility studies. The agreements for these projects were signed last year.

The facilities are going to be constructed in five locations: Bekasi, Tasikmalaya, Cirebon, Sarimukti and Galuga. Work on the projects in Sarimukti and Galuga is expected to commence this year. Each location will have two plants. One is to separate plastic waste from other waste, while the other plant is a petrochemical processor. Thermal anaerobic conversion will be utilized as the main technology to convert end-of-life plastics. Plastic Energy will invest at least USD 55 million for the facilities in each location.

The waste treatment facilities will be part of the final waste treatment and processing site (TPPAS) project in Legok Nangka, Bandung. The TPPAS Legok Nangka is seen as the way out of handling waste in Greater Bandung, which currently disposes its trash in a 20-hectare landfill in Sarimukti. The project is yet to begin and is expected to be ready by only 2022.

In Bogor, a new waste treatment site is going to support operations at the 38-ha Galuga landfill that handles waste from Bogor and its surrounding areas. The plastic waste will be processed by Plastic Energy while the non-plastic waste will go to Nambo. The Nambo landfill is an under-development waste-processing facility project and is expected to be completed in November or December 2020. It will  manage 1,600 to 1,800 tons of waste per day coming from Bogor municipality, Bogor regency, South Tangerang and Depok.

(Source: Jakarta Post)

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