Telkom and Microsoft Expand Partnership to Accelerate Indonesia’s Digitization

June 2022

PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk and Microsoft have signed a strategic partnership agreement to accelerate Indonesia’s national digitalization, strengthen the country’s intelligent infrastructure, and enable the internal digital transformation of TelkomGroup. This partnership expands on the memorandum of understanding signed by Telkom and Microsoft in August 2021.

Vice Minister II of SOE Kartika Wirjoatmodjo appreciates the strategic partnership between Telkom and Microsoft. Telkom, with its strengths in infrastructure and services across Indonesia, and Microsoft, a well-known global technology company with its digital experience and capabilities; are expected to make an excellent combination for Indonesia. By integrating the strengths of the two companies, the partnership is expected to provide innovative and impactful services that can accelerate the digital transformation of Indonesia.

This partnership also aims to support the realization of Telkom’s vision to become the first-choice digital telecommunications company to advance society and empower Indonesia’s digital economy, as well as to enable Microsoft’s Empower Indonesia initiative. Together, Microsoft and Telkom will explore new opportunities in the market, and empower organizations in multiple industry segments, by building on Telkom’s network infrastructure.

Asides from the intelligent infrastructure development, another crucial element of the partnership is to help Telkom and its affiliates with their internal digital transformation with Microsoft. Telkom will accelerate its adoption of a trusted cloud environment and cloud-based services, as well as improving its competencies through Microsoft training and certification. This will help Telkom Group to increase employees’ productivity, facilitate the collaboration process, automate work processes, increase customer engagement, create innovation, and increase the efficiency of operating activities safely.

To realize these commitments, digital talent also plays a significant role. Therefore, Telkom and Microsoft have also worked hand in hand to elevate digital talents that are key to continued progress of the company and the country. Moving forward, the development of digital talents will also continue to be one of the main areas of Telkom and Microsoft’s partnership.

Indonesia is projected to become the largest digital economy in Southeast Asia by 2025. According to We are Social, internet users in Indonesia have increased to 204.7 million in five years, achieving 73.7% penetration of the market. Most of the spotlight has shined on the country’s success in producing homegrown unicorns. Equally impressive is the total number of start-ups, developers, creators, and makers in Indonesia, all building on cloud to reach Indonesians across 17,000 islands.

(Source: microsoft)

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