Thai Centre of Excellence Launches Pilot Program for Liver Diseases

September 2022

The Centre of Excellence in Cancer at Prapokklao Hospital recently launched a pilot program called EZ Liver Clinic (Easy Liver Clinic) as part of its goal to reduce liver diseases in Thailand, increase access to treatment, and help the public to understand risk factors better.

The project involves both public and private players under a collaborative effort named Liver Ecosystem Advancement Program (LEAP). These include the National Health Security Office, medical experts, and Swiss multinational healthcare company Roche. LEAP’s campaign urges Thais not to refrain from the screening process.

In this context, the EZ Liver Clinic pilot project calls for people aged 30 and above in Chanthaburi to register for a free blood test.

It is estimated that currently, Thailand has around 2.2 million people as carriers of hepatitis B. In contrast, another 300,000 to 800,000 Thais have hepatitis C, which though often not accompanied by any symptoms can still be transmitted through blood, sexual contact, and mother-to-child during birth. For this reason, blood tests to detect the surface antigen are crucial for allowing physicians to determine the stage of the disease and prescribe medications. On the other hand, examination by ultrasound allows to detect liver fibrosis or cirrhosis.

(Source: Nation Thailand)

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