Thailand Launches its First Virtual Healthcare Center

March 2022

Thai hospital Meta Med is collaborating with Synphaet Hospital and Metaverse Thailand to launch a new alternative center for medicine, the first of its kind in Thailand. The collaboration is being undertaken to enhance medical services that respond to the upsurge in the global VR (Virtual Reality) movement. The collaboration aims at making possible a whole range of medical services that include doctor’s visits, labs, imaging centers and drug stores. The new offerings integrate existing services with emerging technologies to provide solutions for patients and create a new ecosystem for treatment. It will allow patients to have the experience of a borderless virtual reality world, effectively improving convenience in an era of digital disruption.

Initially, the first phase will involve the Telemedicine Plus service that provides patients with consultation via the Metaverse.  Later, patients nationwide will be able to visit whichever medical facility that is closest to them. Patients will receive treatment more quickly and experience greater convenience.

It has been reported that several businesses have expressed interest in partnering with Meta Med, including firms in real estate, insurance, transportation and telecommunications. The initiative also garnered the interest of various establishments and leading hospitals throughout the country, who intend to become a part of this project.

(Sources: The Bangkok Post; Agadir Group)

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