UK and Singapore Sign Agreements to Boost Digital Innovation and Collaboration

July 2023

New research and regulatory cooperation agreements have been signed between the United Kingdom and Singapore. Under the new emerging technologies agreement, both countries committed to sharing experiences of building new telecommunications infrastructure, such as 5G networks, promoting more business partnerships on AI, as well as identifying the trustworthy use of AI, technical standards for the use of AI, and research into how AI can support health services and support for patients. 

Meanwhile, a second agreement on data cooperation committed both countries to increasing digital trade with one another, sharing how to use data to improve efficiency, deliver better public services and stimulate economic growth, establishing a new Strategic Intergovernmental Dialogue to discuss domestic and international data transfer and protection, and how to improve global cooperation with regard to data management.

The agreements, which reflect the countries’ shared commitment to digital innovation and collaboration, are expected to boost the GBP 11.4 billion (USD 14.7 billion) industry of services traded between the countries by driving trade, attracting investments, and fostering innovation, while ensuring robust data protection and cybersecurity measures. Both the UK government and its Singaporean counterparts expressed enthusiasm for the agreements, emphasizing the benefits they will bring to businesses, citizens, and the overall economies of both nations. Particularly, the agreements highlight the UK’s global ambition to forge strong international partnerships and position itself as a leader in the digital economy, as well as Singapore’s advanced technological capabilities and thriving tech ecosystem.


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