Vietnam and Denmark Collaborate for Sustainable Agriculture Development

January 2024

In November 2023, a sustainable agriculture and food delegation from Denmark visited Ho Chi Minh City to share experiences with local partners and businesses seeking innovative solutions to promote sustainability in agriculture and food production. The focus on sustainable agriculture and food production practices has consistently been a key area of collaboration between the two nations.

The visit by the Danish delegation specializing in sustainable agriculture and food was anticipated to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among Danish and Vietnamese agencies, organizations, and businesses in the sector. This collaboration aims to foster cooperation and establish a solid groundwork for the future development of both countries’ agriculture and food industries.

An HR & Administration representative from Danish dairy company Mille Food A/S emphasized that Denmark is already a brand familiar with Vietnamese consumers. Specifically, he highlighted that the Vietnamese market and consumers welcome Danish goods which are known for the stringent quality control.

Another European player, Cloudfarms, recently revealed that the company has established a presence in the Vietnamese market and has been chosen by some local pig producers to digitize their farms. Recognizing the commitment of the Vietnamese pork industry to adopting best practices, Cloudfarms highlighted how the Southeast Asian market offers growing opportunities.

(Sources: VietnamPlus, Hanoi Times)

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