Boeing to Grow Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations in Vietnam

September 2022

Boeing, one of the top aircraft manufacturers in the world, has announced its intention to invest in the Vietnamese supply chain by working with more local suppliers.

At the Boeing Aerospace Industry Forum recently held in Hanoi, the general director of Boeing Vietnam stated that Southeast Asia would require 3,000 to 4,000 airplanes in the next 30 years to meet their travel demand and that Vietnam is a leading country in the region in terms of aviation industry growth.

In terms of supply chain, Boeing aims to become a strategic supplier for Vietnam. Currently, there is only one Vietnamese company among the aircraft manufacturer’s seven Vietnam-based suppliers. While it works primarily with South Korean or Japanese partners, Boeing intends to work directly with more Vietnamese suppliers. While all Boeing airplanes contain some components built in Vietnam, such as doors and door handlers, the American believes that Vietnamese workers and specialists can develop even further and produce other components with the appropriate guidance.

In addition, Boeing aims to develop an airplane manufacturing site in Vietnam while also working with Vietnamese technological universities to train pilots, aviation engineers, and researchers to secure a workforce with advanced technical capabilities.

Boeing also shared its strategy to decarbonize aviation, which aligns with the Government’s ‘Make in Vietnam’, ‘Digital Vietnam’ and Green Energy goals. This strategy focuses on fleet renewal, operational efficiencies, and the transition to renewable energy with an emphasis on sustainable aviation fuels and advanced technology.

(Source: VnExpress, VietnamPlus)

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