Malaysia to Lead World’s First Algae Biotech Consortium for Sustainable Future

June 2022

Malaysia is slated to establish the world’s first algal biotechnology consortium (ABC), which will serve as a critical component of a sustainable planet and a vital substitute for fossil fuel. ABC is pursuing four-core elements; algae cultivation, algal biotechnology, algae storage and identification using artificial intelligence (AI), and commercialization of algae-based products in South East Asia.

The 6th International Conference and Postgraduate Colloquium for Environmental Research (Pocer 2022), organized biannually by the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM), will be hosting the consortium in Kedah state in June 2022. ABC will be made up of more than 30 local and international institutions, as well as international industry partners. The organizing chair and Pocer 2022 co-chair Prof Dr Show Pau-Loke from UNM said that Malaysia is selected to lead the consortium because it has a good environment and more sunlight. He also believes that ABC will create an impact among local communities in developing sustainable solutions for the future, as a fundamental source of future food, energy, nutrition, bioproducts, and ecological services.  ABC’s mission is to promote the renewable energy potential of algae biomass to transform and develop human society and the environment through research-based education, public outreach, and engagement.

(Sources: The Malaysian Reserve; University of Nottingham Malaysia)

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