Singaporean Specialist Opens the Largest Insect Protein Plant in Vietnam

March 2024

Entobel, a Singaporean specializing in the production of functional insect protein for animal and plant nutrition, recently inaugurated a new black soldier fly (BSF) production plant in Ba Ria Vung Tau province of Vietnam, which is also the largest of its kind in Asia.

The facility features 50 levels of vertical rearing, incorporating automation via robotics, cutting-edge sensors, and data analytics that enhance productivity. Leveraging a USD 33 million Series B funding round raised in 2022 and backed by Mekong Capital, Dragon Capital, and The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Vung Tau facility marks Entobel’s second industrial-scale production facility in Vietnam and will have an annual production capacity of 10,000 MT of insect protein. The facility will serve as an economic and community anchor, creating 150 jobs in manufacturing and operations.

Entobel’s end products include insect protein and insect oil which are consumed primarily by the aquaculture and livestock industries. Additionally, the company also produces insect frass, a sustainable base for fertilizer that reduces the need for chemical fertilizers that make up a large portion of agriculture field operational costs.

The firm strategically selected Vietnam as its initial scale-up market due to the country’s position as one of the largest aquaculture hubs globally. In addition, Entobel can also access a stable supply of high-quality feedstock within the country.

Entobel established a strategic collaboration with Heineken Vietnam, among other feedstock suppliers, to create a circular ecosystem by upcycling by-products of Heineken Vietnam’s production process into high-quality proteins, oils, and organic fertilizer, while simultaneously creating a stable supply of high-quality and traceable feedstock for Entobel.

(Source: AFN)

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