Technological Advancements in the Medical Field

October 2022

Lunit, a medical AI software company, stated its participation in the ‘Indonesia AI Healthcare Course’, to demonstrate its product INSIGHT CXR, a CE-marked AI software that detects abnormalities via chest x-ray, and to educate the value of AI in tuberculosis screening.

The ‘Indonesia AI Healthcare Course’ featured on-site training courses and business meetings for officials in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) from target countries of the OECD Development Assistance Committee. 15 officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Health and related experts were invited to partake in the program. It was a platform for participants to experience AI image analysis solutions, share tuberculosis diagnosis technology and increase awareness of AI-assisted tuberculosis diagnosis.

Indonesian hospitals have also started to maintain their patients’ health data electronically, pertaining to a regulation rolled out by the Minister of Health Regulation (PMK). The transition process will take until December 31, 2023, of the regulation, which mandates the use of an electronic patient medical history recording system in health service facilities.

(Sources: Opengov Asia; Lunit Media)

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