Vingroup Designs Two Invasive Ventilator Models for COVID-19 Treatment

May 2020

Vietnamese conglomerate, Vingroup, announced it has designed two invasive ventilator models, which are compliant with international standards, while maintaining high localization rate in design and manufacture. To address the challenge of the global scarcity of materials for ventilator production, Vingroup is self-producing or localizing up to 70% of its ventilator components including blower, boards (PCBA controller, power), keyboard, display, battery and case.

The design of these ventilators is based on a community-shared design by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Vsmart VFS-410. Engineers from Vinfast, Vingroups’ automotive manufacturing unit and Vinsmart, its smartphone manufacturing entity, designed the ventilators support from relevant ministries, health experts and its US-based partner, Medtroni, whose PB560 ventilator model has been familiar to doctors in Vietnam for many years. The features are said to be comparable to high-end portable invasive ventilators on the market.

These ventilators will continue to be tested by leading hospitals and experts in Vietnam to ensure compliance with regulations to support COVID-19 prevention and control. The first batch of ventilators will be available on May 15. They will continue to be used in intensive care units (ICU) of medical facilities even after the pandemic has been controlled.

(Source: Vietnam News)

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