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The Medical Technologies Sector – Key Trends in Vietnam

Sep 2017

Over the years, Vietnam has made considerable efforts to ensure access to quality healthcare services for the entire population by upgrading its hospitals, expanding insurance coverage and increasing expenditure in healthcare, which have positively driven the country’s medical industry. To fulfill the growing demand, Vietnam has eased market access and reduced regulations on imported medical devices. Imports are expected to continue to grow as healthcare spending increases in the coming years, offering enormous opportunities for foreign companies targetting the ...

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The Smart Cities Sector – Key Trends in Vietnam

Jun 2017

This report is designed to provide an overview of the smart cities sector in Vietnam. The country is currently experiencing rapid urbanization and a shift from an agriculture economy to industry and services-driven economy. It is one of the fastest growing economies in South East Asia, and has recently been elevated to middle-income status.

Vietnam currently has 774 urban areas of various sizes, of which Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are two special metropolises with the highest modernization rates. Its urban population has grown from 20.3% in 1990 to 33.6% in ...

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Vietnam Country Profile

May 2017

The report offers a wide range of data and information collected from various sources that were built together in order to provide not just facts but deeper insights about the country. Unlike other country reports that focus more on macro-economic data, we think that the most valuable part of the report, from an exporter’s perspective, is the overview of Vietnam’s key sectors, major foreign players in the market, and their strategies in the market.  This will help you better understand the dynamism of the country’s key business areas, its compet...

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The Water & Wastewater Sector - Key Trends in Vietnam

May 2017

Vietnam is still in the developmental phase of fortifying and improving its water and wastewater systems. Strong growth potential is foreseen in the wastewater and solid waste treatment sub-sectors. Given that industrial zones, or industrial parks all over the country are gradually booming to support large-scale industries, such as manufacturing, logistics and warehousing, there is a growing need for better water and wastewater infrastructure. From 2002 to 2011, the government invested USD 1.1 billion on average per year on water-related infrastructure and p...

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