Vietnam to Commercialize 5G in 2022, Starts Researching 6G

February 2022

Vietnam´s National Institute of Information and Communications Strategy has assessed that 5G services will contribute 7.34% to the country’s GDP growth by 2025. In this context, the Vietnamese Government is pursuing the goal of becoming one of the world’s leading countries in digitalization, as stressed by Vietnam´s Prime Minister, who reaffirmed the importance of innovation in promoting the country’s socio-economic development, highlighting the key role of 5G networks during a high-level forum on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Echoing the Prime Minister, the General Director of the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) has stated that 5G technology enables local enterprises to take advantage of artificial intelligence, internet of things, and robotics to apply into its projects, building smart cities and improving healthcare and education systems.
According to a study recently published by Ericsson, several sectors are benefiting from the implementation of 5G in Vietnam, including manufacturing, energy/utilities, healthcare, and security. Specifically, 5G networks will help businesses enhance labor productivity and restructure the whole digital ecosystem.

Vietnam will commercialize 5G in 2022 and aims to have 25% of the population using the technology by 2025. Recently, The Ministry of Information and Communications has announced that the country will start researching 6G wireless networks in 2022, and urged domestic firms to invest in the development and production of 5G and 6G hardware. Cloud computing, digital platforms, and software services are expected to be critical elements of the development curve in the upcoming years.

(Sources: Opengovasia, VietnamPlus)

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