Malaysia’s Graphene-Enhanced Super Battery Energy Solutions Attract Dongying Cospower Technology

July 2022

Malaysia’s energy R&D firm, Graphene Synergy Sdn Bhd, has created the country’s first graphene-enhanced super battery energy solutions that could potentially disrupt the market. The new technology development has attracted the interest of China’s pioneer and leading battery manufacturer Dongying Cospower Technology Co Ltd.

Graphene Synergy aims to improve the utilization of graphene material to create super batteries that could enhance the push towards renewable energy. Its Co-founder, Mok Chiun Chek, emphasized that there is a demand for the deployment of super batteries in various sectors. For instance, in port applications, graphene-enhanced super battery energy can power port equipment such as Gantry cranes, rubber gantry crane (RTGC), automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and prime movers by converting the kinetic movement of these types of equipment and capturing the energy recovered, which would otherwise be wasted. A case study on RTGC at Hong Kong Terminals Ltd since 2012 has shown fuel savings of more than 60% using this solution.

The company has been exploring the potential of new-age materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes as the core, in order to advance the country’s original technology development in the field of nanomaterials. With the support from Dongying Cospower Technology Co Ltd, Graphene Synergy intends to speed up the commercialization of its super batteries, in line with the National Graphene Action Plan 2020.

(Sources: New Straits Times; Focus Malaysia; Malaysia Kini)

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