We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Market Research on the Aerospace and Automotive Sectors in Indonesia and Thailand

Orissa International assisted a US-based manufacturer of industrial electronic equipment, whose key products include a carbide metal impregnator that enhances the life of metal, tools and dies, and a micro welder which repairs plastic injection molds and dies that are made of steel. The company, which was exploring opportunities in Indonesia and Thailand, approached Orissa International to gather market intelligence on the aerospace and automotive sectors where the client’s products are applied. We provided a market research study that described key trends in the two sectors, analyzed industry structures, as well as identified the main hubs/clusters in each country. We also provided recommendations that would support the client in its market entry strategies in the two markets.

California-based Aesthetics Company Matched with Malaysian Distributors

Orissa International supported a California-based manufacturer of solution-based beauty and wellness products to find local distribution partners in Malaysia. Our in-market team in Malaysia approached 17 distributors and retailers supplying to local medical aesthetics outlets, including skin clinics, spas and salons, to introduce the client and its offerings, and to prequalify their interest in representing the client. Our client was able to learn more about the market through feedback gathered from the prequalification process with various leading distributors in Malaysia. The outcome of the project was successful, with three potential partners open to further discussions with the client on the immediate distributorship opportunity.

Singaporean Logistics Technology Firm Expands to Malaysia

Orissa International assisted a Singapore-based technology company find potential clients in Malaysia. The company, which specializes in developing Cloud-based AI and Web applications for its customers, was expanding into Malaysia to offer solutions for freight forwarding companies who encounter challenges in their operations due to COVID-19. Our in-market team in Malaysia approached the IT teams from 32 freight forwarders to prequalify their interest in exploring the solutions offered by the client, and connected seven of them with the client for further discussions. Through the process, the client was able to learn about the type of technologies deployed by freight forwarders in Malaysia, and the digitalization challenges that they were looking to address, which helped our client customize suitable offerings for the local market.

Agrochemical Manufacturer Partnered with a Philippine Distributor

Our client is a US-based global agrochemical manufacturer that specializes in developing cutting-edge solutions with a focus on environmental sustainability and plant health. As part of its plans to register its products in the Philippines, the company approached Orissa International for assistance in identifying suitable distributors of agricultural products with presence in Luzon, with warehousing capabilities and a strong customer base in the pesticide and fertilizer manufacturing sector. We were able to connect our client to local importers and distributors of innovative crop nutrition and protection products in the Philippines. Our client has decided to partner with one of these local companies, impressed by the distributor’s knowledge of the local agricultural sector, as well as its capabilities in operating its own research facility.

Webinar on Business Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector in Vietnam

Orissa International’s Country Manager in Vietnam, Thao Pham, was invited by one of our trade promotion agency clients in North America to present at one of their sector-specific webinars, ‘Business Opportunities in the Healthcare Sector – Australia, India, and Vietnam’. The webinar aimed to inform the participants on the recent developments in the healthcare sector in the three markets and strengthen sales opportunities for global medical manufacturers and healthcare technology providers. The participants received useful recommendations and strategies in partnering with Vietnamese companies. Vietnam continues to be an attractive market for international suppliers due to the growing demand for healthcare services. Almost all of Vietnam’s raw materials, pharmaceutical products and medical equipment are imported.

Market Report on Breastfeeding Products in Thailand

Orissa International delivered a market report on breastfeeding products in Thailand for a leading Swiss breastfeeding products company. The report contained information on breastfeeding practices in Thailand, as well as the market size for mother and baby products, market demand, growth drivers, and key distribution channels. The report also analyzed the competitive landscape and the regulatory framework for the industry, including the importation process, product registration and certification.

Market Report on the Skincare Market in Indonesia

Orissa International conducted research on the Indonesian skincare market for a Singapore-based lifestyle company. Our report contained a socioeconomic profile of Indonesia that discussed demographic trends, including the monthly urban average expenditure per capita on skincare, face care and hair care products. The report also covered key market characteristics, drivers and trends on the skincare market for infants and children. Our in-market researcher interviewed Indonesian retailers and distributors to obtain information on market trends, distribution channels, marketing, and the consumer perception of Singapore origin brands. We analyzed the country’s competitive landscape and discussed the regulatory environment for skincare products in Indonesia. The report also contained information on the entity incorporation process as well as an evaluation of future opportunities, market entry developments, and recommendations for our client.

Snapshot of the Apple Sector in the Philippines

Orissa International delivered a snapshot report of the Philippines apple industry to a US client who promotes and develops its fresh apples across international markets. Our report provided an overview of the fresh apple market in the Philippines, the competitive landscape, market pricing, as well as analysis on distribution and retail channels. The report also provided information on popular apple varieties and brands that can be found in the Philippine supermarkets and grocery stores, as well as the peak demand periods for apples in the Philippines.

Market Research on the Start-up Ecosystem in Singapore

Orissa International delivered a market research project on the Singapore start-up ecosystem for a US-based technology services and start-up accelerator, which was interested in growing its ecosystem in Singapore. Our research identified and provided information on 17 start-up incubators and accelerators, 27 venture capital firms, five angel investors, nine corporate venture capital firms, eight family offices and two government entities involved in Singapore’s start-up ecosystem.

Market Study on Technical and Vocational Education and Training Opportunities in Malaysia

Orissa International undertook a market study for a Canadian government agency on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Malaysia. Our market study provided an overview of the TVET systems in Malaysia, market trends and drivers, ongoing and planned TVET projects, as well as examples of foreign partnerships with local TVET institutions. The study also analyzed the challenges and opportunities in the market, including market entry pathways for Canadian institutions/organizations that wish to recruit students, establish partnerships, and develop commercial opportunities in Malaysia.

3D Printer Startup in Pennsylvania Introduced to Distributors in Philippines and Vietnam

We helped a US-based company that develops and manufactures affordable metal powder-bed fusion 3D printers to find potential partner distributors in the region. Our client, which exports its products internationally, was looking to expand its exports to the Philippines and Vietnam. Our in-country teams in each market prequalified potential partner distributors who could provide sales, installation and maintenance support to local customers on behalf of our client. We were able to generate interest from four 3D printer distributors in Vietnam and one of the biggest industrial printer distributors in the Philippines. All the local companies met our client through videoconference meetings and had very good discussions on the prospects for potential collaboration in the near future.

Report on the Container Ports of Thailand and Vietnam

Orissa International assisted an industry leader in crane controls and automation, which has a high quality, best-in-class reputation worldwide. The client wanted to deepen its understanding of the medium-term port projects pipeline in Thailand and Vietnam, in addition to identifying and engaging with key contacts from container ports in both markets. Orissa International provided the client with an overview of maritime transportation in Thailand and Vietnam, and information on the leading ports, key port authorities, port operators, and port expansion plans and upgrades. The report also covered the type of crane technologies in use and the level of automation in ports. We have received feedback from our client that the information in our report exactly matched its requirements.