We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Trade Mission Support in Thailand and the Philippines

Orissa International organized a trade mission in March 2024, led by the Delaware Secretary of State, to Thailand and the Philippines. This effort supported entities from diverse sectors such as logistics services, digital forensics technology, water toxicity testing, and chromatography lab equipment manufacturing. The agenda included briefings in each market followed by several days of business-to-business (B2B) meetings, customized to each company’s requirements. We successfully coordinated over 50 meetings for the participating companies. The mission’s outcomes were noteworthy, with one company finding a potential distributor in the Philippines, another receiving requests for quotations from government agencies, and a third securing a purchase order from a Thai distributor.

Lead Generation for an American Manufacturer of Anti-Corrosive Products in Thailand and Vietnam

Orissa International assisted a US-based company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) protection products for metals used in a wide range of industrial applications. The deliverables for this project involved generating a comprehensive list of potential customers in Thailand and Vietnam, who could be prospective customers for our client’s solutions. Leveraging customs data to identify top exporters, we provided our client with invaluable insights into the market dynamics and competitive landscape in both countries, laying the groundwork for informed decision-making regarding market entry strategies. This assistance aimed to facilitate the client’s expansion into Southeast Asian markets by identifying key players in the industrial sector that could benefit from their corrosion prevention technologies.

Market Research Report on the Cybersecurity Sector in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines

Orissa International undertook a research project for a Canadian government agency, focusing on the cybersecurity landscapes of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The report examined the current state of the cybersecurity sector in these countries, including market dynamics, the role and influence of local cybersecurity agencies, the impact of policies and regulations, and the competitive environment. Through detailed analysis and case studies, the initiative identified actionable opportunities and highlighted the challenges Canadian companies might encounter in these markets. Furthermore, it provided customized recommendations, informed by interviews with key stakeholders in each market, to assist Canadian businesses in making informed decisions and developing effective market penetration strategies.

Business Matching Meetings in Singapore and Malaysia for an American Manufacturer of Engineered Joining Solutions

Our client, an American manufacturer of engineered stainless-steel joining solutions, sought to broaden its market reach by identifying potential distributors in Singapore and Malaysia for its comprehensive range of metal fastener or joining clamp products. These include T-Bolt and V-Band clamps, barrel hardware clamps, worm gear clamps, flanges, straps, and strap assemblies, which have applications across diverse industries. Leveraging our extensive network and market expertise, we identified over 50 potential distributors for the client in Singapore and Malaysia. We arranged meetings for the client in Singapore and Malaysia with leaders in the aerospace industry, specialists in the distribution of aircraft parts, and distributors serving multiple sectors, including oil & gas, marine, defense, automotive and MRO, among others. These meetings uncovered new interests and potential collaboration areas, such as aftermarket services for aerospace and industrial uses in sectors like energy and pharmaceuticals. The engagements demonstrated the potential for our client’s products to meet diverse needs in the two markets, showcasing their broad industry applicability and the wide range of markets that could benefit from their solutions.

Strategic Expansion for SME Automation Solutions Provider in Malaysia

Orissa International supported a company specializing in automation solutions tailored for SMEs, particularly within the automation and chemical sectors, in expanding its market presence in Malaysia. The company’s product offerings include a diverse technology spectrum, including HpaPaaS, machine learning (such as RPA and chatbots), facial recognition, and IoT platforms. Our team in Malaysia facilitated connections between the client and a variety of Malaysian entities, ranging from large pharmacy chains and design centers to electrical chain stores, lubricant distributors, professional services firms, and auto parts distributors. Through these engagements, the client managed to present its customized ERP solutions effectively, garnering outcomes that varied from scheduling further demonstrations to initiating in-depth discussions or assessments of the offered solutions. This project underlined Orissa International’s proficiency in identifying and capitalizing on pertinent market opportunities within Malaysia.

Malaysian Hair Care Products Manufacturer Connects with Partners in Vietnam

Orissa International supported a Malaysian company specializing in the production of hair color, hair wax, and scalp care products for both FMCG markets and salon professionals. The company is recognized for its GMP-certified manufacturing practices and holds accreditation from the Ministry of Health Japan, ensuring the production of high-quality hair color products tailored to the Japanese market. During the business matching process, our team prequalified numerous potential partners before narrowing down the selection to arrange six meetings for the client in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The meetings were with a diverse range of potential partners, including distributors of global beauty brands, health and beauty care specialists, high-end hair cosmetics importers and distributors, and companies focusing on men’s hair care products and salon services. The meetings were strategically designed to explore collaboration opportunities, facilitating the expansion of the Malaysian company’s presence in the Vietnamese market. With our support, the client forged valuable partnerships and seized emerging opportunities in the Vietnamese beauty industry.

Brazilian Açaí Berry Producers: Navigating the Singaporean Market Landscape

Orissa International undertook a market entry project for a Brazilian trade agency looking to assist açaí berry producers in expanding into the Singapore market. The project included an analysis of market indicators such as an overview of Singapore, import flows, and consumption trends to understand the demand for açaí berries. It also covered the regulatory environment and import process to ensure a smooth entry. Our team explored distribution and logistics, including wholesalers, retailers, food service, e-commerce, and logistics, identifying effective distribution channels for açaí berries. The project addressed commercialization and marketing strategies, focusing on building relationships and marketing efforts suitable for the local market. The final report offered a market outlook and specific recommendations for açaí berry producers, along with appendices listing potential açaí importers, freight forwarders, trade exhibitions, and useful contacts, providing a guide for entering the Singapore market.

Market Research Report on the Agrifood Sector in Malaysia

Orissa International provided a market research report to a Japan-based agricultural agency that was looking to understand the Malaysian market. Our report assessed the market potential for key agricultural products such as sweet potatoes, pears, persimmons, and melons in Malaysia. The study provided a market overview detailing domestic production, imports, exports, market size, and price trends. It highlighted commercial distribution and sales pathways, including insights into customs, inspection, and sales channels. The project also touched on consumer trends for fresh and processed foods and outlined the key regulations, standards, and labeling requirements relevant to market entry and expansion. This included a look at import duties and processes and certifications like Halal and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). The findings aimed to guide the Japanese Ministry in supporting its agricultural producers in navigating and succeeding in the Malaysian market.

Market Analysis and Partner Matching in the Philippines for a Leading Lubricants Manufacturer

Orissa International recently collaborated with a global manufacturer and distributor of high-performance lubricants, serving the industrial and automotive industries, to provide market research and business matching services in the Philippines. Our study covered several critical aspects of the lubricant market, focusing on diverse sectors such as motor vehicles, mining, power generation, building & construction, general manufacturing, and fleet operators. The research included a detailed import analysis based on HS code categories, providing insights into products imported by the Philippines. The report offered strategic market entry recommendations, considering factors like distributor presence, industrial concentration, demand for lubricants, logistics quality, and population density.

In terms of business matching, we targeted potential distributors in the Philippines, focusing on those importing and selling lubricants, tyres, automotive batteries, vehicles, and material handling equipment. Our efforts culminated in arranging over 15 meetings with potential partners, paving the way for the client to establish a strong presence in the Philippine lubricants market

US Wood Products Distributor Expands to Vietnam with Business Matching

Orissa International helped a US-based company that distributes solid wood and MDF veneer kitchen and bath cabinets. The company carries multiple brands of cabinet styles for the retail consumer and hospitality sector throughout the USA and Canada. We arranged 7 business matching meetings for the client with various Vietnamese manufacturers of high-quality solid wood or MDF cabinetry that serve the furniture and interior design industry. The companies that we identified specialized in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of kitchen cabinetry and hospitality furniture. They offered a variety of styles and materials, catering to both residential and commercial needs, and were known for their expertise in crafting indoor and outdoor furniture, including items like tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, and shelves.

Strategic Market Research Empowers Michigan Companies for Southeast Asian Trade Mission

Orissa International carried out research for five companies from Michigan that are looking to join a trade mission to Southeast Asia. Each company works in different fields – we had a company that makes braking systems for big vehicles, another distributes water filters and treatment devices, one that deals with waste handling and recycling equipment, one that produces gym sports equipment, as well as a manufacturer of advanced composite materials. For each of these companies, we created a customized report. These reports looked into markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and provided valuable insights into the dynamics of each market, identifying key local importers of their products, source countries, and the competitive landscape. Our reports analyzed the trade flow and assessed the potential of their products in Southeast Asian markets.

For the companies that had not traveled to these countries before, we included additional helpful information, including an economic overview of their target market, an understanding of the local business culture, travel regulations, and a detailed examination of key sectors, and a list of key buyers.

Business Matching in Thailand for Specialist of Biostimulants, Fertilizers, and Insect Repellents

Orissa International assisted an agritech company in finding distribution partners in Thailand for their range of biostimulants, fertilizers, and insect repellents. The client, with a partner R&D lab in India and a manufacturing plant with substantial production capabilities, sought our expertise to identify and engage with suitable Thai distribution partners. Our in-market team in Thailand then undertook research to compile a list of 39 potential distributors, from which the client shortlisted 21. Our team then conducted outreach to these companies, identifying key decision-makers, presenting the client’s offerings, and prequalifying their interest. This process resulted in 7 distributors agreeing to introductory meetings with the client, opening doors for potential business opportunities in Thailand.