We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Helping US Companies Targeting Singapore

We assisted a US company that offers pipeline inspection and cleaning services by providing it with information on trade shows in Singapore that cover the oil and gas sector, oil offshore services and the pipeline industry. We also helped connect a US company that provides integrated technological, bioanalytical and high throughput research services with a prospective partner in Singapore.

Building Business Contacts & Business Networks for a Finnish Company in Vietnam

Orissa International assisted a Finnish company in the payment solutions technology sector in their second visit to Vietnam, where we helped the client deepen their engagement with local telcos, airtime distributors and payment solutions companies, as well as helped them connect with a local law firm to set up their business operations in Vietnam.

Canadian ICT Trade Mission to Thailand

We organized a trade mission for a Canadian Trade Promotion Agency, for a group of Canadian companies in the ICT sector to meet with prospective distributors and clients in Thailand.

CommuniCast Myanmar 2015

We organized a trade mission for a Canadian Trade Promotion Agency, for a group of Canadian companies in the ICT sector to attend CommuniCast Myanmar 2015, followed by meetings with prospective distributors and clients in Thailand. This is a new milestone for Orissa International, as we lead our very first trade mission to Myanmar.

Aviation & Defense Sectors in Malaysia & Singapore

We assisted a Canadian company that develops live inventory management systems for the aviation industry by providing it with contact details for MROs in Singapore and Malaysia. We also helped a Canadian company that manufactures coatings for the aerospace and defense industries connect with end-users and distributors in Singapore and Malaysia.

Information on DNA Testing Services in Singapore

Orissa International researched and prepared a summary report on DNA Testing Services in Singapore, for a US-based accredited full service laboratory provider of advanced DNA diagnostic testing for forensic and family relationship applications. We also prequalified two prospective partners for our client in Singapore.

Sourcing Packaging Material from Vietnam

Orissa International undertook a sourcing project on behalf of a leading US company in the packaging and packaging equipment solutions sector. We provided the client with a pre-qualified list of manufacturers of Leno mesh products in Vietnam.

Survey of Small Grocery Retailers in Ho Chi Minh City for a Finnish Fintech Company

Orissa International undertook a project to survey a group of small grocery retailers in Ho Chi Minh City that sell airtime, gaming credits, utility payments services, etc. Responses from the interviewees were analyzed and summarized into a written report for our client.

Investment Seminar in Singapore

We organized an investment seminar in Singapore, on behalf of an economic delegation from a Swiss canton. The seminar targeted senior management primarily from commodities trading and financing sector, as well as the shipping sector in Singapore.

Helping a Manufacturer of Concrete Testing Equipment to Enter South East Asia

Orissa International assisted a Canadian company that designs and manufactures concrete testing equipment with distributor searches in Singapore, Vietnam and Indonesia. The client leveraged on our network of in-market Trade Managers with local language capabilities to help progress their discussions with selected distributors in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Latest Developments in the Mining & Construction Sectors in Indonesia

Orissa International undertook a customized research project for a Northern Ireland company in the materials handling sector, looking to understand the latest developments in the mining and construction landscape in Indonesia. Our report helped the client focus on a selection of potential distribution partners in Indonesia which they hope will speed up the time it takes for them to enter the market. We also provided the client with a prequalified list of distributors of construction and mining equipment in Indonesia.

Airport & Aviation Indonesia 2015

We planned and organized an in-market visit for a Swiss company that develops, designs and manufactures precision motion simulators for the aeronautics, space, defense, automotive and consumer industries. The visit was to be held in conjunction with Airports and Aviation Indonesia 2015 show. The meetings we organized for our client gave them an opportunity to present their products to different opinion leaders, experts and potential users in Indonesia.