We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Market Study on Indonesia’s Aquaculture Industry

Orissa International undertook a research project in Indonesia for a Japanese start-up that provides high-speed breeding, aquaculture methods and fisheries services. Our Indonesian team put together a detailed report on the aquaculture sector in the country and assessed relevant regulatory documents in Bahasa Indonesia to compile all applicable regulations. In-depth trade interviews with stakeholders were conducted to generate a composite industry view of the sector. The extensive report included information such as production volume, consumption trends, export market value, supply chain and the cost structure of aquaculture farms. The report also provided information on smart technologies, breeding and genetic improvement methodology and key opportunities in Indonesia.

Report on Defense Procurement in Malaysia

Orissa International undertook market research in Malaysia for an American defense company that provides an array of logistical support and spare parts for aircraft and advanced military systems. To help our client better understand the Malaysian market, the report provided an overview of the country’s current competitive landscape in the defense industry and described the process to participate in government procurement tenders, specifically in the aerospace and aviation space. In addition, the report also included a list of local and foreign companies that are operating in Malaysia that provide aircraft MRO services and supply spare parts to the Malaysian military.

Webinar Support for an Irish Trade Promotion Agency

Orissa International assisted a trade promotion agency that focuses on the food and horticulture industry in Ireland to recruit participants in Indonesia and Thailand for two webinars organized by our client which were slated in October and November 2021. The webinars aimed to showcase Ireland as a world-class source of high-quality dairy and seafood products and introduce some of the Irish biggest suppliers globally. Our teams in Indonesia and Thailand were able to obtain RSVPs from 8 buyers of dairy and 27 buyers and importers of seafood produce. The webinars enticed participants to turn to Ireland for sourcing of dairy ingredients and seafood.

Market Leader in Fresh and Processed Fruits Introduces Novel Specialty Ingredients in Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand

Our client is among the world’s largest suppliers and marketers of fresh, frozen and processed fruits with several plantations located in the Philippines, Thailand, USA and Serbia. Their Specialty Ingredients Unit is planning to market their newly-developed fruit-based specialty ingredients such as fruit juices, bromelain, fruit seed oil, pectin, fruit peel extracts and dietary fiber produced straight from their farms. Orissa International supported the client with business matching in Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand. We prepared a list of 106 suitable distributors and manufacturers of F&B, nutraceutical, and cosmeceutical products in the 3 countries, that import and use the ingredients being marketed by our client. Out of the 97 companies selected by our client, our teams in the 3 countries were able to arrange and set up virtual meetings with 23 companies (7 in Malaysia; 9 in the Philippines; and 7 in Thailand). All the companies our client has met with are interested in distributing, testing, and using our client’s specialty ingredients in particular applications.

Market Research on English Tuition Services in Malaysia

Orissa International delivered a market research to a Singapore-based English tuition agency that was looking to expand into Malaysia. The research provided a market overview of the sector in Singapore, from teaching of English language in schools and proficiency levels to identifying the key consumer segments. The report identified and profiled key local and foreign competitors, and delved into the regulatory landscape and the type of licenses required to operate in the country. We listed key considerations, such as costs to availability of talent, for setting up a physical presence, and offered market entry recommendations.

Manufacturer of Baby Care Products Matched with Distributors in Vietnam

Our client, a Hong Kong-based company, is one of the leading personal care companies that specialize in producing a wide range of hair and skincare, cosmetics, baby & children care, personal care, and home care products. With an established sales network in over 10 countries across 3 continents, the company approached Orissa International to help them find distributors for their brand of baby care products in Vietnam. We were able to connect our client to 4 potential partners with extensive experience in selling to the retail space, who could help our client develop the brand in the local market. The business matching meetings that we set up were with established distributors of baby care products and companies that operate retail chains that focus on products for parents and children.

Market Promotion for Taiwan-made Products in the Philippines

Orissa International assisted a national-level research institute in Taiwan to connect with some of the leading or emerging mobile app and web-based service platform companies in the Philippines, with the objective of exploring joint marketing collaboration to promote Taiwanese products in the country. Our in-house consultant in the Philippines introduced the client and its plan for marketing collaboration to potential partners in the Philippines and successfully arranged virtual meetings with 10 tech-focused companies which are involved in beauty and lifestyle, personal care and wellness, education and e-learning, F&B, video-sharing and social networking service, rewards and discovery, among others. The project enabled our client to understand the profile of the companies in terms of market share and reach, revenue generation, advertisement strategies, as well as how they could partner with these companies to market and advertise Taiwan-made products.

Market Research on Fintech Business Opportunities in Southeast Asia

Orissa International delivered a market research study on fintech business opportunities in Southeast Asia to our client, an export and investment promotion agency based in Europe. The research provided a market overview of the fintech sector in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines, including key market drivers and trends, developments in each market’s key Fintech subsectors (i.e. payments, lending/financing, personal finance, Regtech, Insurtech etc.) and regulatory environment. The report also identified business opportunities and potential challenges as well as evaluated market entry pathways for our client’s stakeholders.

American Brand of Food Storage and Cleaning Products Expands in Indonesia

Orissa International assisted a world-renowned manufacturer of cleaning and food storage products from the USA in expanding its distribution network by finding more distributors in Indonesia. Our client manufactures a range of products such as food containers, housekeeping, cleaning supplies and waste and recycling containers and already sells their products to Indonesia through their 2 local distributors. Our client was looking for supplementary distributors with experience selling into the hospitality industries and partly to the industrial and foodservice industries. Our team in Indonesia contacted 15 distributors that suited the client’s preferences and was able to arrange virtual meetings with 6 companies that had expressed interest in discussing further the distributorship opportunity with our client.

Market Survey and Business Matching Conducted on Medical Tourism Sector in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines

Orissa International conducted a market survey and online business matching program on behalf of medical institutions in Taiwan looking to collaborate with healthcare industry players in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. Our in-country teams in the 3 Southeast Asian countries initially researched and developed a long list of local potential business partners for Taiwanese hospitals such as international insurance agencies’ third-party administrators (TPAs), medical coordinators for overseas treatments, and medical tourism agencies. We then proceeded to arrange videoconference meetings with companies that our client identified as suitable business partners. We successfully arranged 14 videoconference meetings with 7 companies across the 3 countries. Synergies were explored in great depth during the meetings, highlighting the potential for collaboration between the various parties.

Northern Ireland Environmental Company Discusses Partnership with Philippine Distrubutors

Our client is a Northern Ireland-based company that has been in the business of designing and manufacturing water management solutions for homes and businesses for over 65 years. The company was looking for potential distributors for their range of portable and packaged wastewater and sewage treatment equipment. Our in-market consultants in the Philippines contacted 19 companies that were shortlisted by our client as having the right fit. Of these, 8 expressed interest in discussing the distributorship opportunity with our client. During the virtual meetings, there were 3 local companies that were keen to carry our client’s product and were very open to discussing the partnership further.

US Manufacturer of Air Curtains Enters the Vietnam Market

Our US-based client manufactures air curtains designed to help stop the infiltration of pollutants and flying insects as well as to contain heated and conditioned air separately, which are applicable for industrial or commercial settings. Companies like Burger King, Wendy’s, Walmart, Target, Ford among many others are using the company’s air curtains. Our client wanted to find potential distributors in Vietnam and engaged Orissa International to identify distributors who would be interested to explore and understand the technology. After undertaking a program of calling, we introduced our client to potential distributors in Vietnam who are keen to know more about air curtains and their applications. The distributors are suppliers and installers of HVAC equipment in Vietnam that have undertaken projects in residential buildings and commercial spaces.