We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Report on Recruitment in the Energy Sector in Malaysia and the Philippines

Orissa International produced research reports for the Malaysian and Philippine markets for a Singapore-based boutique executive search firm focusing on the commodities and energy sectors. The firm places executives in senior leadership roles across different business functions, such as commercial and support departments. The study provided an overview of the energy sector including oil and gas (onshore, offshore, refinery, terminals and storage), renewables and utilities and covered recruitment practices in the energy sector for middle to senior level executives. We interviewed HR (human resource) executives in energy firms to understand how companies work with headhunting firms. The competitive landscape comprised of large general recruitment firms and specialized energy sector recruitment service providers were analyzed. We also obtained information on relevant business license requirements and procedures and provided recommendations on market entry pathways.

US-based Manufacturer of Mining Accessories Explores Indonesia

A non-profit association in Pennsylvania, USA that manufactures a wide range of export-grade accessories and equipment used for the mining, solar, power utilities, shipbuilding, custom sewing, and assembly sectors contacted Orissa International for assistance in determining potential buyers and partners in Indonesia. We identified Indonesian companies involved in underground mining and tunneling activities, as well as potential buyers of the client's product offerings that include blasting wire hooks, cable clips, brattice hangers, cable pullers, cable rings and saddles. We provided the client a list of 29 potential targets, including Indonesian distributors that have an established clientele in the mining industry, in addition to potential end-users of the client's products.

Market Research on the Forestry Sector in the Philippines

Orissa International delivered a 150-page report on wood in the Philippines, with a focus on softwood, to a Canadian provincial government export promotion agency. The report was prepared through a combination of secondary and primary research in the form of in-depth interviews with wood importers/distributors, building contractors and architects. The report identified the reason for a spike in Canadian softwood imports to the Philippines. It also analyzed domestic timber production, imports and exports of wood products and the domestic wood processing industry and covered the usage of wood in general, and softwood specifically, in the construction and furniture manufacturing sectors in the country. In addition, the report provided information on the tariff and non-tariff barriers to the imports of softwood from Canada and the costs of getting wood to the end-user, including in-country logistics. Finally, the study recommended actions in terms of collaborations with leading local manufacturers, distributors and retailers, to address misconceptions regarding the durability of wood in the climate conditions and extreme weather events of the country and highlighted areas where the province could support the local development of wood treatment technologies.

Assessment of the Impact of Covid-19 on Forest Product Buyers in Malaysia and Vietnam

Orissa International assisted a US government trade agency that promotes and markets forest products from the state of Virginia in getting information on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the buying capabilities of forest products importers and distributors in Malaysia and Vietnam. To come up with an assessment, Orissa International contacted importers and distributors of US forest products in both markets to gather their feedback on import and supply issues. Through this project, we provided on-the-ground insights to the client regarding the impact of the pandemic on the local business operations of forestry product suppliers, thereby supporting Virginia wood exporters in planning their sales and marketing strategy in the two markets.

US-based Provider of Fabric Technology Explores Indonesia

Orissa International assisted a US-based manufacturer of technical textiles that wanted to expand its market to Indonesia. Our team identified 20 Indonesian companies that are engaged in textile, thread and flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) manufacturing. We then contacted the 10 companies shortlisted by the client to determine their interest and were able to identify three companies that were keen to connect with our client.

Report on the Circular Economy in Malaysia

Orissa International delivered a report in the form of a PowerPoint presentation to a European trade promotion agency on two selected circular economy subsectors in Malaysia - Waste-to-energy and Plastics recycling. The study provided a market overview of the two fields, including key drivers, trends and developments, along with an analysis of the competitive landscape. Stakeholders including public and private sector players were identified, and ongoing and planned projects were profiled. It went on to map opportunities in the market to companies from the European country and recommended market entry pathways.

Singaporean Energy Association Connects with International Organizations in Indonesia

Orissa International provided customized business matching services in Indonesia to a non-government and non-profit energy association based in Singapore. The association provides a common platform for companies in the sustainable energy sector to meet, discuss, collaborate and undertake viable projects together. Over the years, the association has developed a repository of knowledge in the sustainable energy sector. It is exploring collaboration opportunities for organizing seminars and training sessions for policy makers and private companies. We assisted the client to have extensive discussions with nine major stakeholders in the renewable energy sector in Indonesia, including foreign development agencies, multilateral development finance institutions and Indonesian government officials responsible for implementing internationally funded projects in the country.

Market Study on Environment and Water Technologies in Vietnam

We delivered an in-depth market study on the environment and water technologies sector in Vietnam for EU Business Avenues. The EU Business Avenues in South East Asia program is an initiative funded by the European Union to help European companies establish business collaborations in the region through matchmaking and business support services. The reports covered fresh water supply, wastewater treatment, air pollution and municipal and industrial solid waste management and recycling. We also provided an overview of environmental protection regulations in each country, identified opportunities for European firms and laid out different market entry pathways.

US Private University Meets Potential Partners in Malaysia

A private university in the US approached Orissa International for assistance to connect them with local higher educational institutions and student recruitment agencies in Malaysia in order to explore collaboration and opportunities involving student exchange programs in the country. We arranged a total of six meetings for the client with higher educational institutions and student recruitment agents.

Report on Over-the-Counter Pharmaceuticals Market in Vietnam

Orissa International delivered a report to a Philippine client on the market for chlorhexidine-based antiseptic products in Vietnam. The report provided an overview of the healthcare system and distribution pathways for over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products in the target market. We also profiled local and foreign companies selling chlorhexidine containing hand sanitizers and other products in Vietnam. The report also covered regulatory procedures and went on to present an assessment of market opportunities and challenges for the client.

Report on Regulatory Environment for Aquaculture Products in Indonesia

Orissa International prepared a report on product regulations in Indonesia for an American provider of biotechnology solutions for the agriculture and aquaculture industries. Our Indonesian team accessed relevant regulatory documents in Bahasa Indonesia and also contacted the regulatory authority to obtain clarifications and fill in gaps in the information obtained from the documents. A report was prepared covering the process, requirements, timeline and cost of applications for import permits and product registration for fish feed additives. The report also provided information on the in-country testing requirements for import and sale of the feed additives in the Indonesian market and answered specific questions asked by the client on testing methodology.

Database of Executive Training Providers and Institutions in Malaysia

Orissa International assisted a foreign mission in Malaysia in developing a database of training providers and institutions offering executive development programs in the country. We identified and profiled 21 high-end training providers and institutions in Malaysia and contacted them for evaluating their interest in partnering with a Canada-based peer. Through this engagement, the client not only obtained contact details and profiles of relevant Malaysian training organizations, but also gained a better understanding of the local demand and areas of interest, insights that it can share with the training providers and institutions in Canada.