We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Australian Trade Mission to Singapore

Orissa International partnered with one of Australia’s states’ trade and investment offices to organize a virtual trade mission to Singapore in conjunction with the event, Big Data World, which took place on 14th – 15th October 2020. The project was conducted in two phases: a webinar series followed by business matching services. The Australian trade mission comprised of 15 companies offering various solutions for big data analysis and management, such as real-time remote monitoring and control, software mapping platform, document comparison software, all-in-one retail platforms, asset tracking and security, end-to-end blockchain solutions, and 3D & WebAR platform.

The 2-day webinar series was aimed at educating the participants about the big data sector landscape and ecosystem in Singapore. It included relevant speakers from various sectors, including government agencies, industry practitioners, investors, and specialist consultants, who provided market insights for companies to plan their market entry strategy effectively.

The post-event business matching component was conducted using video conference platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom. Our team arranged a minimum of 3 business matching meetings for each of the 15 Australian companies, engaging over 75 local companies across South East Asia, particularly from Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Throughout the project, companies were able to pitch their company’s products and services to relevant government agencies and major local and foreign ICT end-users. The users included Arcadis, Gain City, Manila Water, Surbana Jurong, Expressway Authority of Thailand, Castlery, A*Star, Jurong Town Council, SMITS-San Miguel, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and ST Engineering.

US-based Supplier of Food and Feed-grade Soybeans Enters the Thai Market

Orissa International assisted a non-GMO soybean supplier from Iowa, USA, in connecting with importers from Thailand. Our office identified and prequalified Thai companies, and gauged their interest in connecting with our client. Our team was able to arrange a virtual business matching meeting for our client with one of the largest soymilk manufacturers in Thailand. Through the virtual meeting, our client obtained information on the volume of soybeans the local company procured per year, as well as other soybean specifications. After the discussion, our client planned to arrange for non-GMO soybean samples to send to the Thai company for testing. In addition to the virtual meeting, our office was also able to connect our client with two other non-GMO soybean importers in Thailand via email.

UK’s Leading Pork Processor Matched with Philippine Meat Buyers

Orissa International assisted one of the UK’s leading pork processors, which owns several breeding farms and processing facilities nationwide. The company has been successful in exporting significant volumes of frozen pork to Asia, particularly in China and Hong Kong, and was interested in finding potential partners in the Philippines. It had already been exporting frozen pork to the Philippines but only through intermediaries and traders based in the UK. The client was looking to connect directly to customers like food manufacturers or meat processors, importers, and distributors of frozen pork in the Philippines who would be interested to buy their products and source directly from the UK. Our in-country team identified 30 food manufacturers, importers, and distributors of fresh frozen pork and offal in the country. A total of 12 companies expressed interest and were introduced and connected to the client via videoconference or cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP such as Viber and WhatsApp.

Ireland’s Largest Dairy Cooperative Expands Presence in Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam

Our client is Ireland’s largest co-operative and a leading producer of cheese and dairy ingredients, including butter, whey powder, and nutritional milk powder, having supported thousands of farmers for 150 years. The client was looking to expand its distribution market in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand by partnering with more local distributors who would also have the capability to further the brand’s market presence in these markets. Our in-house consultants from the 3 countries reached out to 42 companies, including distributors of food and nutraceutical ingredients like dairy, food additives, and chemicals, with experience in supplying to the foodservice sectors, food retailers, and food manufacturing sectors like cheese, bakery companies, and milk formula developers. A total of 15 virtual meetings were arranged with local distributors. Six companies were also introduced to our client via email. The companies we connected to the client have expressed strong interest in working with our client, and in extending their network of dairy ingredients suppliers for their future purchasing plans.

Customer Leads in Malaysia and Thailand for an Italian Leader in Automation Components

Orissa International assisted our Italy-based client which has over 50 years of specialization in automation components and industrial process control systems. The company offers an extensive range of automation devices for machine control, sensors, and a dedicated motion control line. Orissa developed a list containing details of 50-80 companies in Malaysia and Thailand, which included potential buyers and end-users of our client’s products. The list also contained information on manufacturers of hydraulic cylinders and industrial electrical heating system integrators that were developed in Malaysia and Thailand. The database will be used by our client to carry out business development initiatives and grow its sales performance in the two markets.

Database of Dairy Ingredient Importers in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

Orissa International concluded a lead generation project in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam for a food, beverage, and horticulture trade promotion board in Europe. The project entailed company profiling of key dairy importers and users, by researching the company’s background, as well as its scale and scope of operations. It also involved researching dairy-specific data, such as the type of dairy ingredients that the company is importing and its applications, their import volume, and source countries. The research targeted local importers/distributors, repackers, formulation blenders, local food processors, and users of specific dairy ingredients, namely cheddar and mozzarella cheese, butter, skim and whole milk powder, fat-filled milk powder, whey powder, and rennet casein. The team also obtained the company’s contact information and details of people in charge of procurement activities and business development, having gathered them through extensive phone interviews and secondary sources. Over a period of 12 weeks, our team provided an output for a total of 470 local companies in the 3 target markets.

Webinar on Effective Marketing Strategies in South East Asia

Orissa International presented at a webinar organized by Singapore’s apex business chamber, who focussed on effective marketing strategies in South East Asia in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. The presentation shared actual case studies and examples of projects that were undertaken by our in-country trade specialists in the six key markets in South East Asia – Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – that highlighted ways to effectively further the exporter’s sales and distribution channels, as well as various go-to-market strategies available to companies exporting to a new market for the first time. The webinar was attended by both the chamber’s members and non-member companies in Singapore.

Preparing Your Business for the New Normal – Webinar for a Furniture Association

Orissa International presented at a webinar organized by Singapore’s premiere furniture industry association, focusing on South East Asia. Our country manager in the Philippines gave highlights on how the Philippines is coping with the disruption due to Covid-19, and the potential opportunities that will arise for the furniture industry post-pandemic.

Webinar on the Opportunities in the FinTech Sector in Singapore

Orissa International presented at a webinar on market opportunities in Singapore’s lucrative financial technology industry for technology companies in Northern Ireland. Co-organized by the country’s trade promotion board, the webinar was attended by various players in Northern Ireland’s technology sector and provided insights on what makes Singapore a leading financial hub, a forerunner in innovation and technopreneurship, and what the country can offer to Northern Ireland’s technology exporters in terms of government incentives and other available platforms run by private networks to support investing tech companies.

Market Study on the ASEAN Defense & Security Sector

Orissa International delivered a market study on the ASEAN defense and security sector to the High Commission of Canada in Malaysia. The report provided an overview of each market’s defense forces, defense expenditure, modernization and procurement plans, as well as current issues and threats involving the defense and security sectors. Furthermore, the report provided analysis on market opportunities and potential market entry pathways for Canadian defense and security companies looking to explore the ASEAN region.

Market Research in Vietnam for an Animal Nutrition Product Manufacturer

Orissa International conducted a market study for a US-based provider of nutritional products derived from choline chloride, microencapsulation, and chelation technologies. The research covered consumption and production trends, the geographical distribution of producers, and a snapshot of the supply chain and industry structure for the swine, dairy, poultry, and aquaculture sectors in Vietnam. We also provided a snapshot of key international providers of animal nutrition products that have a presence in Vietnam.

Austrian Pharmaceutical Company Introduced to Drug Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors in Vietnam

Orissa International supported an Austrian pharmaceutical company that manufactures a patented dietary food supplement for idiopathic and varicocele-induced male infertility. We helped to connect the company with potential distributors and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Vietnam, which had medical sales representatives in the field of Urology, Gynecology, and IVF. Orissa International identified 16 potential matches, which included manufacturers, importers, and distributors of pharmaceutical products, and proceeded to contact nine of the companies approved by our client. Four of these had good discussions with our client via videoconference, and two more were also introduced via email. A number of the companies demonstrated strong interest in collaborating further with our client.