We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Global Specialty Chemical Manufacturer To Venture into Indonesia

Orissa International assisted a US-based client, which is one of the largest surfactant manufacturers in the world with 18 production sites worldwide. The client produces basic and intermediate chemicals, including surfactants, specialty products, germicidal and fabric softening products and quaternary, as well as special ingredients for the food, supplement and pharmaceutical industries. The client was keen to enter the Indonesian market through distributors. Orissa International contacted 14 companies that are potential distributors of specialty chemicals. The meetings between the client and potential distributors were held virtually and led to matching with six companies. The Indonesian companies are distributors of specialty chemicals for various applications, primarily in oil and gas or oilfields, industrial waste and water treatment, pulp and paper, and mineral and metal processing.

US-based Supplements Producer Enters the Malaysian Market

Orissa International assisted a Seattle-based corporation engaged in the research, development and production of purpose-specific high potency supplements to find potential partners in Malaysia. The client supplements are organic, and they use all-natural ingredients in the development of the brain, cardio, and immune system-targeted supplements.

Orissa Internationa’s team in Malaysia helped to arrange two meetings with local third-party logistics (3PL) providers that could help support the client with their freight and fulfillment center and storage services. In addition, we organized three meetings with Malaysia’s leading retail chains that market health and beauty products, and through their recommendations, connected the client to various distributors in Malaysia.

Market Study on the Agricultural Mechanization in South East Asia

Orissa International delivered a market study on agricultural mechanization in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines to a US-based company that provides technology, products and support systems to the agricultural sector. The company regards the region as a potential growth market for its products. The company approached Orissa International to conduct market research in order to identify the priority markets in the region for their entry. The market research discussed the agricultural mechanization status and developments in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and included information on key crops, average farm size, farm machinery ownership, fertilizer consumption and provided examples of agricultural value chains in each market for a comprehensive analysis. It identified priority markets with the highest potential, and offered recommendations on the mode of market entry.

Market Study on TVET, Corporate Training and Lifelong Learning in Thailand

Orissa International submitted a market report that provides an overview of the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), corporate training and life-long learning sector in Thailand to a North American government agency. The report aimed to identify trade opportunities in the mentioned sub-segments of the education market of Thailand and discussed challenges, provide recommendations and best practices for doing business in Thailand.

Biomedical Company Looking to Sell Skin Adhesives in Vietnam

Orissa International assisted a medical device company in Pennsylvania that manufactures patented medical cyanoacrylate products or skin adhesives used in the treatment of wound closure, wound management, intravenous device securement and infection prevention. Our client was looking to find a partner distributor in Vietnam that would help it register the product with the Vietnamese regulator and also market and sell the products to public and private hospitals and clinics in the country. Our in-market team in Vietnam undertook business matching for our client and arranged videoconference meetings with potential distributors in Vietnam that supply to key hospitals in major cities such as Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Learning Institution in Singapore Explores Collaboration with Vietnamese Schools

Orissa International assisted a Singaporean company that has been in the business of providing high-energy, resource-rich English speech and drama classes to schools and organizations for over 20 years, teaching more than 200,000 children and hundreds of teachers globally. Our in-market team in Vietnam arranged for our client to meet with four schools and other educational institutions in Vietnam via videoconference meetings and helped to connect our client to two more potential customers via email introductions.

Belfast-based Software Provider Pitches Solutions to Singaporean Financial Firms

Orissa International assisted a Belfast-based software & services firm specializing in the areas of data quality and matching, and which helps banks and government departments who are saddled with very large, very messy datasets. Our client’s solutions are user-friendly and target non-technical end-users such as business analysts or specialists, e.g., risk officers, analytics teams, internal data stewards etc. We prequalified 20 companies that are potential end-users, such as banks, insurance firms, wealth and asset management companies, and potential technology partners, such as data governance, lineage, data management firms & consultancies in the Singapore market. We successfully matched our client with five providers of technology and data management solutions to the financial sector and a multinational bank in Singapore.

Textile Sourcing in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines

Orissa International assisted a US-based company that was exploring textile outsourcing from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. The client was looking for a textile manufacturer in the said markets that could provide contract manufacturing services and has cutting, sewing and finishing capabilities for microfiber household products. Orissa International researched and identified a list of potential partners in each country based on the criteria defined by the client. Our in-market teams then contacted the local companies to evaluate their level of interest in providing their services to our client. We gathered information on the target companies, including their specializations in terms of product and manufacturing capabilities, pricing, manufacturing capacity, number of workers and production lines, type of equipment used, quality control (QC) processes, export experience as well as logistics channels, including proximity to ports and shipment rates. We provided the client with our assessment on all markets and offered recommendations on the country and companies that represent that best sourcing option for our client.

Producer of Gourmet Desserts Keen to Export to Singapore

A Pennsylvania-based dessert innovator firm engaged Orissa International to find potential partner distributors in Singapore for its gourmet desserts, such as brownies and stacks, GMO-free cookies and bards, cakes and molten bundts, cheesecakes, cupcakes, and pies. Our team in Singapore was able to arrange virtual conference meetings for our client with importers and distributors of bakery and pastry-based products and ingredients and with a major grocery retailer in Singapore with over 150 stores island-wide. The companies that have been matched to our client have shown strong interest in a range of our client’s products with good potential for retail distribution in Singapore.

Australia Virtual Trade Mission in Thailand

Orissa International organized a virtual trade mission in Thailand for 15 companies from the Australian State of Victoria. Orissa International helped to match and virtually connect the companies to potential partners in Thailand. The Victorian companies that participated in the mission were from a broad spectrum of sectors, such as smart solar energy solutions, virtual reality and augmented reality (XR), identity verification system, encryption security, corporate compliance solutions, power conversion, digital port solutions, blockchain, asset and staff tracking, and more. Orissa International undertook an in-depth consultation with each of the participating Victorian companies to understand the company’s background, clarify any questions, and ensure that we match them with the right customers in the country. We identified 300 local companies in the course of the trade mission and were able to set up a total of 70 meetings, with each company meeting at least four potential Thai partners.

Marketing Strategy for the Food & Beverage Sector in Indonesia

Orissa International prepared a detailed Marketing Strategy Roadmap in Indonesia for a foreign F&B manufacturing industry council. Our research team conducted a review of government data, trade associations, industry bodies such as BKPM (Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board), and local trade and mainstream press. We undertook comprehensive research into company annual reports, websites, press releases, financial/market reports, and news articles. We also conducted in-store observations and integrated consumer survey data from a leading  FMCG market database. The core of this study was developed through the analysis of over 30 in-depth interviews with key opinion leaders, industry experts and representatives from the Indonesian food and beverage industry, including hospitality and foodservice players, advertising agencies, retailers, as well as manufacturers, importers and distributors. Synthesizing all the information, we provided a report with recommendations on the positioning statement of the F&B industry, how to work with local importers and distributors, best practices in engaging retailers in promotional activities, and executing nationwide advertising and marketing campaigns.

Research on the Market Potential of In-office Lens Surfacing Solutions in Indonesia and Vietnam

Orissa International undertook a market research study on the potential for lens surfacing solutions in Indonesia and Vietnam for a US-based client that manufactures and distributes a lens surfacing system. Our client’s lens surfacing system is designed to be used by independent optometrists and opticians, allowing them to produce prescription lenses for eyeglasses in their stores instead of purchasing them from external laboratories. We provided an overview of the eyewear market and analyzed the competitive landscape through a market scan of locally operating wholesale prescription lens laboratories in Indonesia and Vietnam. The report, which involved a combination of secondary research and primary interviews with optometrist shops and eyecare hospitals in each market, also provided the client with key recommendations on market entry in Indonesia and Vietnam.