We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Oregon-based Manufacturer of Precision Cutting Tools Meets with Thai Distributors

Our client, a market leader in manufacturing precision cutting tools and exporting to more than 100 countries, wanted to find distributors in Thailand for some of its hardware tools and power tools, including saw chains, bars, sprockets, and outdoor equipment accessories and parts. Our in-market consultants in Thailand pre-qualified 30 distributors and contacted the 18 companies our client shortlisted as suitable partners. We arranged videoconference meetings with six companies interested in the distributorship opportunity and connected the client with a further three interested companies via email. Four of the companies were highly interested in carrying our client’s brand and in participating in the second round of follow-up meetings with our client.

Leader in Technical Textile Production Expands Exports to Vietnam

Our client is based in Pennsylvania, USA, and manufactures technical textiles such as advanced fibers, fabrics, and foams that utilize silver for soft surfaces. Its technologies can be found in products made by multinationals such as Lululemon, Adidas, Giro, 3M, Toray, Garmin, Boeing and are even used by NASA and the US military. The company, which wanted to grow its exports to the Vietnam market, engaged us to identify end-users that would be interested in exploring their technology. We introduced our client and its products to various manufacturers and eventually arranged meetings with two potential customers in Vietnam that produce a variety of fabric products such as uniforms, antibacterial masks, newborn fabrics, medical garments, and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), among others.

Premium Brand of Bottled Water Prepares Entry to Indonesia

Orissa International assisted an Italian brand of premium bottled water with its entry into the Indonesian market. They engaged our services to find potential distributors in Indonesia to develop the brand presence in the country. The potential distributor would be responsible for registering the product with regulatory agencies and initiating marketing activities locally. Our team in Indonesia contacted 28 companies to gauge their interest in representing our client. We set up videoconference meetings with four distributors of F&B items to the retail, foodservice, and HoReCa institutions that expressed interest in exploring the distribution opportunity with our client.

Supplier of Lapping and Polishing Machines Matched with Distributors in Vietnam

A Pennsylvania-based supplier of lapping and polishing machines and consumables engaged Orissa International to find distributors in Vietnam. The company’s products are suitable for semiconductor manufacturing, industrial optics and photonics manufacturing, ceramics and composites manufacturing. Our team in Vietnam identified various distributors of machines that fit into our client’s application areas, and we arranged videoconference meetings with several distributors that sell related equipment such as precision measuring, polishing, and surface-mount technology (SMT) machines. The potential local partners were well-established distributors that count multinational players in the electronics and semiconductor industries as their clients.

Virtual Trade Mission in Southeast Asia for Australian CleanTech Firms

Orissa International was engaged by the trade promotion agency of a state in Australia to organize a virtual business matching program for 10 Australian companies in Southeast Asia as part of a larger cleantech-focused exposition in Australia. The participating companies offer various unique cleantech solutions covering areas such as agricultural technology, smart power grids, renewable and solar energy, and electric-powered vehicles. During the course of the project, our consultants across 6 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines – reached out to more than 150 companies by email and telephone and were able to arrange more than 30 meetings with each Australian company meeting 3 local companies, who are either distributors or customers, via video conference. Some of the companies had the opportunity to speak with key government agencies, research institutes, and large corporations, and some had important meetings that may lead to partnership outcomes.

Pennsylvania-based Education Agency Seeks Partners in the Philippines

Orissa International supported an education agency from Pennsylvania in finding education agencies in the Philippines who could partner with them in recruiting Filipino high school students to purse higher studies in the USA. Our Philippine consultant contacted 25 education agencies and was able to set up 6 virtual meetings for our client. The local companies were particularly interested in the unique program of our client which is designed to recruit high school students to pursue a one year of senior high school study in the USA, eventually affording them a high school graduate diploma that they can present to the school’s partner universities. The universities then will grant them automatic acceptance and scholarship.

3D Printer Startup in Pennsylvania Introduced to Distributors in Thailand

Orissa International assisted a 3D printer startup company in Pennsylvania once again in finding potential distributors of their products in Thailand. We previously connected the company with a number of 3D printer distributors in the Philippines and Vietnam that could provide sales, installation, and maintenance support to customers on behalf of our clients, attributes that our client were strictly looking for a partner distributor. In Thailand, our team was able to arrange videoconference meetings with 2 companies – one of which is a multinational company focusing on a variety of products including industrial machines, and the other is among the biggest importers and distributors of additive and subtractive industrial machines in Thailand.

Leading Manufacturer of Conveyor Belts from Japan Matched with Thai Distributors

Our client is a Japanese company that has over a century of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of high-performance conveyor belts including high durability, abrasion and high-heat resistant belts for demanding applications. The company previously approached Orissa International to help them with arranging meetings with potential distributors in Vietnam. They engaged us once again to find distributors in Thailand this time. We identified a total of 22 conveyor belt distributors as potential partners by our consultant in Thailand, of which 13 were shortlisted by our client as most suitable. After prequalifying their interest, we were able to arrange videoconference meetings with 7 companies that were keen to learn more about our client’s products and specifications, and to explore explore distributor partnerships.

Market Study on Health Supplements in Vietnam

Orissa International delivered a market report on the health supplements sector in Vietnam to a supplier of a leading brand of European supplements. The report contained information on the market size for supplements, consumer trends and market demand, growth drivers, pricing data and key distribution channels. The report also analyzed the competitive landscape and the regulatory framework for the industry. This project will be followed by a business matching project for the client in Vietnam.

Malaysian Manufacturer of Infection Control Products Expands Distribution Reach in Southeast Asia

Orissa International assisted a Malaysian company that manufactures a comprehensive range of infection control products for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting hands, surfaces, and instruments. The company was looking to establish a distribution network in Thailand, Philippines, and Vietnam. Our in-house consultants in the three countries helped to connect the company with 18 prequalified distributors that sell pharmaceutical and medical supplies to healthcare facilities – 10 via videoconference meetings and 8 via email introductions.

Market Research on the Bowling Entertainment Market in the Philippines

Our client, a US-based full-line supplier of bowling center equipment, supplies and consumer bowling products, was interested to understand opportunities in the Philippine bowling market. We delivered a market research study to them that provided an overview of the bowling sector in the Philippines, including the locations and formats of bowling centers in the country, the challenges faced by the sector, and an analysis of the competitive landscape. To supplement our research, we interviewed relevant stakeholders, including distributors, bowling center operators and a professional local bowler, to gather their feedback and to better inform our market entry recommendations to the client.

American Manufacturer of Workspace Furniture Connected with Singapore Architecture and Design Firms

Our client is a a Pennsylvania-based company that has over 20 years of experience in designing and producing innovative, unique, and functional furniture for indoor and outdoor learning, working or dining. It approached Orissa International for assistance in finding partners, specifically architectural firms in Singapore, that design workstations for educational institutions and corporate trainers. Our team in Singapore was able to arrange video conference meetings with 3 architecture and interior design firms as well as distributors that supply furniture to educational institutions.