We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Market Research on the Eye Care System in Indonesia

Orissa International conducted a market research project for an Ohio-based company that manufactures ophthalmic lenses and devices such as digital imaging, surgical viewing systems and accessories that are used to diagnose and treat eye diseases. The company wanted to understand the eye care system in Indonesia and if there is any potential for their products in the country. The report covered the eye care system and landscape in Indonesia and highlighted the competitive landscape which included profiling competitors as well as identifying source countries for ophthalmic devices. Lastly, we evaluated the potential for the client’s products in the market, outlined the process and requirements for product registration, and recommended market entry pathways.

Dairy Ingredient Importers in Indonesia

Orissa International was commissioned by a European trade promotion board in Europe to undertake a lead generation project by delivering a database of dairy ingredient importers in Indonesia. The research for leads involved profiling, which included researching the company’s background, scale, and scale of operations. It also included dairy-specific data such as the type of dairy ingredients that the company is importing and its applications, their import volume and source countries. The research targeted local importers/distributors, repackers, formulation blenders, local food processors and users of specific dairy ingredients, namely cheddar and mozzarella cheese, butter, skim and whole milk powder, fat filled milk powder, whey powder and rennet casein. The team also obtained contact information and details of people in charge of procurement activities and business development through extensive phone interviews. Over a span of 12 weeks, our in-country team provided an output of 150 companies in Indonesia. 

Hardwood Suppliers Matched with Malaysian and Thai Wood Buyers

Orissa International conducted a campaign to help find export leads in Malaysia and Thailand for hardwood exporters in Pennsylvania, USA, a state that leads in the production and export of hardwood lumber, such as red and white oak, ash, walnut, maple, cherry, among others, in the country. We undertook a survey of Malaysian and Thai importers of hardwood to learn about their requirements, in terms of the quantity, grade, quality, size, species, and other relevant specifications. We then matched them to suppliers from Pennsylvania who are able to supply the requirements of each company. In total, we were able to identify 9 wood buyers – 6 from Thailand and 3 from Malaysia – and recruited 8 wood suppliers from the Pennsylvania State. We arranged 26 email introductions and 8 videoconference meetings for some Thai companies who had expressed interest in meeting the suppliers virtually. Orissa International is the authorized trade representative office of the Pennsylvania Government in Southeast Asia. 

Orissa International Represents VDACS in the US Grains and Soy Buyers Conference in Southeast Asia

Orissa International, as the official trade representative of Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) in Southeast Asia, represented VDACS in the second US Grains and Soy Buyers Virtual Conference in South East Asia. At the virtual conference, our in-house consultants from Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines virtually manned the VDAC booth, helped to answer visitors’ queries and gathered trade leads of potential soybean and grain buyers, which were then sent to VDACS for dissemination to suppliers.

Supplements Manufacturer in Singapore Seeks Distributors in the Thai Market

A Singapore-based manufacturer with a rich history of over 40 years in distributing medicines, health supplements, and medical devices in Europe and Asia, including the Middle East, sought the assistance of Orissa International in finding potential partner distributors for their premium brand of hair and skin supplements which are developed using non-GMO tomatoes, super-antioxidant olive extracts, L-Cysteine and other nutraceutical ingredients that are 100% drug-free. Our team in Thailand identified 30 potential distributors who have multi-marketing platforms and sales channels that include department stores, medical professionals, OTC specialty outlets and chain operators. We were able to arrange 6 videoconference meetings for our client with distributors who had expressed interest in learning more about our client’s product offerings. 

Helping to Grow Exports for Alaskan Seafood in Southeast Asia

Orissa International organized a virtual business matching program for the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) to support 4 of the biggest American exporters and processors of frozen Alaskan seafood such as Alaskan wild salmon, crabs, pollocks, flatfish, black cods, etc., who were looking for buyers in the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. Our in-market teams in the 3 countries contacted potential buyers and matched them with the US suppliers. We were able to arrange a total of 39 virtual meetings across the 3 markets. In addition to new export leads, the program also intended to further elevate the market potential and consumer awareness of Alaskan wild seafood in the region.    

Australian F&B Virtual Trade Mission in Vietnam

Orissa International organized a virtual F&B trade mission to Vietnam for an Australian state government’s trade and investment office. The Australian delegation was comprised of 10 companies, and offered a wide variety of food & beverage products, such as oat milk, snacks, spreads, biscuits, fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, deli items, coffee, dairy, and others. We kickstarted the trade mission by identifying potential targets for each Australian company based on the information they provided. We contacted a total of 135 shortlisted companies via email and telephone and arranged 48 meetings via videoconference. Throughout the 8-day program, the Australian companies were able to talk opportunities with some of the leading F&B distributors and grocery retail chains in Vietnam with a significant presence in physical and online channels.

Feasibility Study for Inside Sales Industry in Southeast Asia

Orissa International performed a feasibility study for a German company specializing in business-to-business (B2B) inside sales focusing on IT and machine-building industries, which was considering setting up a new regional sales hub to cover various Asian-Pacific markets. The first phase of our research focused on six target countries in Southeast Asia, and described each of the countries’ regulatory environments, particularly the incorporation process and hiring expatriates. We also provided a snapshot of job postings in each country to gauge their potentiality as a hub for inside sales activities. The second phase focused on assessing the two countries our client felt would present the best options for their location. In the second phase, we provided detailed information on talent availability and skills, salaries or labor cost, location attractiveness, and office space cost and availability. Our report included a final recommendation to support our client with its decision on the final shortlist.

Oregon-based Manufacturer of Precision Cutting Tools Meets with Thai Distributors

Our client, a market leader in manufacturing precision cutting tools and exporting to more than 100 countries, wanted to find distributors in Thailand for some of its hardware tools and power tools, including saw chains, bars, sprockets, and outdoor equipment accessories and parts. Our in-market consultants in Thailand pre-qualified 30 distributors and contacted the 18 companies our client shortlisted as suitable partners. We arranged videoconference meetings with six companies interested in the distributorship opportunity and connected the client with a further three interested companies via email. Four of the companies were highly interested in carrying our client’s brand and in participating in the second round of follow-up meetings with our client.

Leader in Technical Textile Production Expands Exports to Vietnam

Our client is based in Pennsylvania, USA, and manufactures technical textiles such as advanced fibers, fabrics, and foams that utilize silver for soft surfaces. Its technologies can be found in products made by multinationals such as Lululemon, Adidas, Giro, 3M, Toray, Garmin, Boeing and are even used by NASA and the US military. The company, which wanted to grow its exports to the Vietnam market, engaged us to identify end-users that would be interested in exploring their technology. We introduced our client and its products to various manufacturers and eventually arranged meetings with two potential customers in Vietnam that produce a variety of fabric products such as uniforms, antibacterial masks, newborn fabrics, medical garments, and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs), among others.

Premium Brand of Bottled Water Prepares Entry to Indonesia

Orissa International assisted an Italian brand of premium bottled water with its entry into the Indonesian market. They engaged our services to find potential distributors in Indonesia to develop the brand presence in the country. The potential distributor would be responsible for registering the product with regulatory agencies and initiating marketing activities locally. Our team in Indonesia contacted 28 companies to gauge their interest in representing our client. We set up videoconference meetings with four distributors of F&B items to the retail, foodservice, and HoReCa institutions that expressed interest in exploring the distribution opportunity with our client.

Supplier of Lapping and Polishing Machines Matched with Distributors in Vietnam

A Pennsylvania-based supplier of lapping and polishing machines and consumables engaged Orissa International to find distributors in Vietnam. The company’s products are suitable for semiconductor manufacturing, industrial optics and photonics manufacturing, ceramics and composites manufacturing. Our team in Vietnam identified various distributors of machines that fit into our client’s application areas, and we arranged videoconference meetings with several distributors that sell related equipment such as precision measuring, polishing, and surface-mount technology (SMT) machines. The potential local partners were well-established distributors that count multinational players in the electronics and semiconductor industries as their clients.