We have delivered tailored market research and business matching solutions to thousands of companies over the past 20+ years to help them understand and enter the Southeast Asian market 

Examples of Market Entry Projects We Have Undertaken

Market Study on the ASEAN Defense & Security Sector

Orissa International delivered a market study on the ASEAN defense and security sector to the High Commission of Canada in Malaysia. The report provided an overview of each market’s defense forces, defense expenditure, modernization and procurement plans, as well as current issues and threats involving the defense and security sectors. Furthermore, the report provided analysis on market opportunities and potential market entry pathways for Canadian defense and security companies looking to explore the ASEAN region.

Market Research in Vietnam for an Animal Nutrition Product Manufacturer

Orissa International conducted a market study for a US-based provider of nutritional products derived from choline chloride, microencapsulation, and chelation technologies. The research covered consumption and production trends, the geographical distribution of producers, and a snapshot of the supply chain and industry structure for the swine, dairy, poultry, and aquaculture sectors in Vietnam. We also provided a snapshot of key international providers of animal nutrition products that have a presence in Vietnam.

Austrian Pharmaceutical Company Introduced to Drug Manufacturers, Importers and Distributors in Vietnam

Orissa International supported an Austrian pharmaceutical company that manufactures a patented dietary food supplement for idiopathic and varicocele-induced male infertility. We helped to connect the company with potential distributors and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Vietnam, which had medical sales representatives in the field of Urology, Gynecology, and IVF. Orissa International identified 16 potential matches, which included manufacturers, importers, and distributors of pharmaceutical products, and proceeded to contact nine of the companies approved by our client. Four of these had good discussions with our client via videoconference, and two more were also introduced via email. A number of the companies demonstrated strong interest in collaborating further with our client.

Engineering Software Developer Connects with Distributors and Resellers in Thailand

Orissa International was approached by a company based in the Czech Republic that specializes in developing structural engineering software for static analysis, dimensioning, and geotechnical engineering. The company was interested in finding not only local distributors, dealers, and resellers of their software, but also companies who could also act as marketing partners to promote the product in Thailand. We undertook a project to identify suitable potential partners, and connected our client with local companies that have experience in selling software to large structural design industries, government agencies, engineering design companies, universities, and structural and geotechnical engineering, training and consultancy firms.

Virginia-based Forestry Products Group Finds Thai Wood Buyers

Orissa International undertook a project to find potential importers of hardwood and softwood lumber in Thailand for a Southwest Virginia-based group of companies engaged in forestry processing (from felling of timber to milling) and the manufacture of all grades of lumber including furniture-grade, hardwood flooring, kiln-dried lumber, veneer logs, and pallet stock. Our team in Thailand identified and contacted local companies that deal with furniture manufacturing, logs, veneer, flooring distribution, and timber trading. Three companies were connected with the client via virtual business meetings, and one company expressed interest to purchase yellow poplar species.

Finnish Company in the Circular Economy Meets with Indonesian Concrete Manufacturers

Our client is a Finnish leader which specializes in the manufacture of sustainable concrete products from recycling industrial waste such as fly ash, ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS) and red mud. The client was seeking partnerships with precast manufacturing companies in Indonesia to license its technology in the local market. Over a 12-day period from July-September 2020, our Indonesia team arranged 16 meetings through videoconference calls, including one with an engineering consultancy firm specializing in toll roads, as well as several with manufacturers of pre-cast concrete products such as paving blocks, ready-mix concrete, concrete pipes, panels, roof tiles, and a combination of structural and non-structural concrete products. The engagements enabled our client to assess each company’s current formula in producing concrete, as well as the level of interest in using GGBS in the production, concrete specifications and requirements, as well as supply chain issues and raw materials pricing. As a result, our client was able to study the local market and also formulate a cost-efficient solution for its prospective partners.

US Biotech Company Seeks Clinical Trial Venture Partners in South East Asia

Orissa International assisted a US Pennsylvania-based biotech company in finding potential partners to support the clinical trial of its broad antiviral medication to treat infections such as dengue and COVID-19. The medication has already been awarded two patents by the US government, and works by repurposing a widely available drug – mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) – and administering it at lower dose than currently indicated. Our in-house consultants targeted potential partners and connected the client to several organizations, including government institutions, universities, pharmaceutical companies and other related research institutions. In Singapore, our team connected the client with the country’s largest cluster of healthcare institutions which supports commercial partners in the early phase of clinical research. In Malaysia, our team also facilitated communications for COVID-19 clinical trials with a government-funded medical institution, as well as with the Malaysian government’s agency that conducts and supports clinical research in the country. Also, our Vietnam team also connected the client with a state-owned enterprise engaged in researching, manufacturing and trading of vaccines and biological products.

Japanese Green Tea Supplier Expands to the Philippines and Thailand

Orissa International’s client, a Japanese manufacturer of food & beverage products with a focus on traditional Japanese ingredients and raw materials such as roasted rice tea, barley tea, oolong tea, Japanese confectioneries, grains and functional foods, sought our assistance to expand its market presence in South East Asia, particularly in the Philippines and Thailand, where it is currently partnered with a local company selling Japanese F&B products. The client hopes to emulate its success in these two countries by making its brand available to the mass market there. In the Philippines, our team introduced the client via videoconference to four prospective distribution partners who had expressed an interest in knowing more about the client’s product offerings and objectives in the country. Two were distributors of premium and organic teas which sell to the HORECA industries and supermarkets, while the other two were high-end shopping chains, known for their wide range of imported consumer goods brands. One of the shopping chains was also open to doing contracting to produce its own private label green tea brands with manufacturers such as the client. Also, in Thailand, our team matched the client with two distributors who were keen to explore potential partnerships with our client by marketing the brand to its retail partners, including hypermarket chains where the brand was not yet available.

French Developer of Dry Eye Treatment Devices Matched with Medical Equipment Distributors in Thailand

Orissa International helped a leading French provider of medical equipment for hair removal and dry eye treatment to find distributors in Thailand. Our client is already established in many countries through its worldwide network of sales partners in Austria, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Morocco, Italy, Germany, Finland, China, and other countries. It was seeking to market its product line for dry eye treatment devices to professionals in the ophthalmology field in Thailand. Our local team identified 32 distributors which supply medical equipment to clinics, such as LASIK centers, hospitals, and medical professionals such as optometrists and ophthalmologists. From the meetings arranged with eight potential distributors via videoconference, the client is now considering to enter into an official partnership with three of these companies.

Illinois-based Chemical Manufacturer Increases Number of Connections with Thai Distributors

Our client is an Illinois-based manufacturer of basic and intermediate chemicals, including surfactants, specialty products, germicidal and fabric softening products and quaternaries, as well as special ingredients for the food, supplement and pharmaceutical industries. It is considered one of the largest surfactant manufacturers in the world with 18 production sites worldwide. Currently, our client’s products are being used by multinational chemical manufacturers, as well as local pesticide manufacturers and suppliers in Thailand. The company contacted Orissa International to assist in finding additional Thai distributors which have the capability to market its chemicals, particularly for agricultural applications. Our team identified 36 potential distributors that cater to the agriculture sector. The team also set up one-on-one videocall meetings with five companies, one of which was later evaluated by our client to be a likely partner for its coating and ink additive product lines, and two other distributors which were potential partners for its agricultural chemicals.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturer Expands in Malaysia and Ventures into Vietnam

Orissa International assisted a company based in Northern Ireland, UK which manufactures a comprehensive range of tracked mobile crushing, screening, and recycling equipment for the quarrying, mining, construction, demolition and recycling industries. Orissa International was tasked to find additional resellers for its established sales network in east Malaysia, as well as new resellers for its range of heavy equipment in Vietnam, focusing on Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Our client’s target partners included sellers of construction and recycling equipment focusing on the aggregate sector. Our team in Malaysia connected our client to one distributor who expressed interest in carrying our client’s products and who also had proven experience in selling new and used heavy equipment in the target region. In Vietnam, our team arranged videoconference meetings with three distributors and dealers of heavy equipment to the construction and mining industries.

Market Survey Conducted on Medical Tourism Sector in Malaysia and Myanmar

Orissa International assisted a Japanese research firm based in Taiwan to conduct a two-stage market survey in Malaysia and Myanmar as part of the client’s long-term research project on medical tourism in the islands. For the project, Orissa International identified a group of specified medical tourism stakeholders in the two markets, including medical coordinators, third-party administrators (TPAs) and travel agencies. Orissa International’s team then interviewed them on behalf of the client. A series of conference calls between the client and identified stakeholders was then arranged across a three-week timeline which involved 19 stakeholders in both countries. Through the assistance from Orissa International’s research team, the client was able to reach out to the stakeholders more effectively to understand their operations, as well as learn about the interest and requirements for medical tourism promotion activities.